Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A little Ray of Sunshine

You'll rarely hear somebody who makes their living from the land complain about rain.

Except of course when there's hay on the ground, a sorghum crop waiting to be headed, 

bulls to be fed, cattle needing to be trucked or a yard full of weaners knee-deep in slop.

We rarely complain.

Though there was much happiness when we saw this sky yesterday for the first time in a week.  A great excuse to jump on the new bike and head out for a gander.

These girls, all so grateful to feel the sun on their backs.  

A little knocked around after a week of wet cold weather.

We all enjoyed sitting with the sun on our backs.

While at home the washing machine worked her way through the backlog of dirty laundry.

A quick trip to Bottle Tree revealed by-washing dams, something that had eluded us over our wet Summer months.  Some relief with talk that an El Nino event is heading our way.

I say ... El-Nino, schmino.


  1. Fiona
    Had a bit of a giggle at country people complaining about rain, but there are exceptions! And this year certainly has been exceptional in the rain department. In Brisbane for all daylight hours yesterday we had a shinning yellow thingy above in clear blue skies. People were amazed and darn near blinded. However, it was back again last night and the sun is having a battle royal with the clouds at the moment. I hope the sun wins!! ha ha.
    Isn't it funny how cattle are so curious? Those heifers must be thinking why can't we have a big red "heifer" mover for us to get around in!
    Great post. Enjoy the sunshine whilst you can.
    Colin (HB)

  2. Shhhhhhhhh!!! While I too am a little weary of the wet, the last El-Nino nightmare is still reasonably fresh in my mind... don't tempt Mother Nature to send us one of THOSE again. But seriously, we are ALL enjoying the sun's rays on faces and backs (and laundry) again. Our patient is under cover (in a shed) but gets the sun during the day - perking her up no end. Vitamin D. A much under-rated thing!
    PS Loving the Brahman-Brangus love-lick!

  3. I'm with bush babe, don't tempt fate! Not so much rain up here, but enough to perk the garden up after the nasty frosts, make my laundry situation even sadder, and down at the prickle farm, perk up the heartleaf no end, just as we were about to send 'em out bush (it shouldn't be raining in winter, we use our bush country in winter/dry season!)

    I don't think we've seen the end of the frosty mornings though....

  4. Sharon I'll swap you one or two of your frosts for some of our rain.
    I know the old "don't tempt fate" argument, but I'm a bit with Fiona on this one.

  5. Why is all this so familiar?
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog Fiona.

  6. I get fed up with rain in winter here but after 6 frosty mornings in a row was happy enough to see it back yesterday. And then there's the odd day when the weather gods get it just right and I forget either exists.

  7. We're fed up with the rain. And it's summer here - hay waiting to be cut, wheat way off harvest still yet farmers contracted to sell crops early August ... But yeh, we got sun yesterday too. Maybe it's been hiding all these weeks ready to shine on the Olympics.

  8. Just found your blog...couldn't agree more about the rain on both accounts shouldn't complain about it BUT sometimes it's hard.

  9. In the absence of a dryer I have given up on washing for the time being! This is a memorable winter..over 100mms here in the last week and another downpour today. It makes us appreciate the sunshine!

  10. A beautiful wet winter Fiona.....great photos!

  11. I could never be a farmer ... relying on the weather and at the same time at its mercy.

  12. We didn't have so much rain, but cold miserable weather! My lounge room looks like a Chinese laundry with clothes draped over every dining chair I own and a clothes horse. And definintely NO to El-Nino!

  13. Ha ha, head out for a gander..haven't heard that one for a do make me feel guilty for complaining about the rain though:)



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