Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Our Newest Toy

Unfortunately we haven't had a chance yet to watch the safety DVD that came with it.

I've a notion there will be a section on the optimum number of passengers for maximum safety.

Of course, as all bush parents will testify, you can actually carry oneself, four children, three dogs and two bales of hay on a quad bike.

Neither advisable, nor comfortable,
but do-able.


  1. There will be fun to be had on the new quad and work too of course.

  2. Oh Fiona, you need a Can-am. We just bought one- it's fantastic! But it still won't carry the lot of us. When they asked me what I ride when we muster I said this- pointing to the big old trusty Landcruiser!

  3. oooh, shiny! and yes, I have seen that sticker on the mudguard that tells you how many its meant to carry, and it goes along the lines of no more than one! and I laugh to myself as kids are hanging off the side, we've squeezed an odd baby calf on as well, and shifted a poly trough from time to time as well (have also stuffed a toddler into the front carry thing we tied on, which in our case is a modified bayticol drum!)

    I also suspect there might be a bit in the book that they must not be used for physical contact with bovines in aiding their movement to the yards, but I have seen that done just recently as well (my bike being used in this endeavour). Is it any wonder my bike drives with a slightly cross eyed feel....

  4. Hmm, very shiny. Where's the helmets. And please don't teach them any more bad habits Sharon!

  5. Oh - it's almost identical to ours. Which was purchased after last year's floods so we could check cattle and fences. Apparently it is the most fun you can have on four wheels... which is why the kids have helmuts now!!

  6. My goodness you'd get your knuckles severely rapped by the "authorities" if you did that here in the UK.



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