Sunday, 1 July 2012


The boy and his father left the house at 4:30 this morning, on what I like to call an Acco-venture.  Bullocks awaited them in the yards at Bottle Tree to be trucked to the meatworks.  This week heralds the CQ Carcase Classic competition and said bullocks will vie for the honour of highest scoring carcase.  Truth be told, by the look of our boys, there will be no such awards coming this way this year.

The girls and I enjoyed a lie-in and were gone by 6.

Arriving at the Bottle Tree yards in heavy fog, we were greeted by the roars of old bulls champing at the bit to return to work.

This old codger, affectionately known as Hercules stood his ground in his paddock, confined to a solitary Winter life, due to his inability to play nicely with his friends.  From the safety of his paddock, he roared warnings to his younger workmate,

who inhabits the paddock on the other side of the yards.  The roaring, pawing and chest-thumping continued for hours.

I think they may be aware that these little tykes are already hitting the ground, which means their services will be required out with the breeders again very soon.

Following the Acco down to the meatworks to drop off some paperwork, many of these lovely bullocks were spotted, also entered in this week's competition.

Which reminds me of this sign, spotted on a trip to Brisbane last year:


  1. well, thank heavens for small mercies, it wasn't you driving the Acco into town!

    Teabag and his old red mate Monty (we are original with names, can you guess his bloodlines/heritage?!)came into the yards during the week, both of them are so slloooooow coming along, we wonder if they ever step a bit livelier when it comes to chasing the ladies. Time will tell in a few months I suppose! ;-)

  2. They are lovely looking beasts. That fog is special too. Hard to get up in the morning when there's fog in them there hills.

  3. I got up early one morning on holiday and enjoyed the mistiness for a while - but that was for fun, not duty. You all work so hard, such a different lifestyle. Thanks for sharing it, I'm always fascinated by your accounts.

  4. Hey Fiona, lovely post. I love fog it reminds me of the country. I miss it so much. The city is starting to get to me. So I love a little uplift from looking at your blog. Love to you, Niki

  5. Cute sign...isn't it funny how old bulls are a lot like old men.....roaring and the youngsters......LOL



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