Saturday, 21 July 2012

What was HE Thinking?

Matthew and I have found ourselves members of various committees over the years.  From flipping snags to baking patty cakes, cleaning toilets to mowing school ovals, overseeing dog-jumping to parking ice-cream vans, we've always been willing contributors to our local community committees.  As have many others I might add.

As the children get older and home work commitments become more pressing, we are hoping to slowly ease away from some of these outside endeavours to focus more closely on issues closer to home.  Like fencing.  And spraying lantana.  And making hay.  And possibly getting a BAS in on time.

One committee though that we hope to remain involved with over years to come is the CQ Carcase Classic, a competition that really encompasses all that our industry is about.  BEEF.

Last night's Presentation Dinner was a fitting culmination to a great competition.  Competitors put forward their cattle, who are processed through our local Teys plant, and carcases scored on various attributes including weight for age, eye muscle area, fat coverage, meat and fat colour.

With a lucrative prize pool up for grabs, it's an exciting night, with only us select few aware of the results beforehand.

Matthew and I had the task of producing these trophies this year, awarded to class winners and given to our sponsors as a gesture of the committee's appreciation.

Fortunately, wet weather for the past month has allowed plenty of shed-time.

Amazing what can be done with some old rosewood and a stirrup iron.

Of course it was yet another excuse to pull out my now favourite dress.  Just add castanets.

And of course I didn't realise until uploading this picture, that my husband was doing 'rabbit ears'.


  1. I am not kidding you, that is the most gorgeous dress I have seen in recent times, looks so beautiful in photos. You must spill the beans on where you got it.
    You look amazing, by the way & yes I have a "child" who loves to do rabbit ears.
    Sometimes I wonder who is worse, the teenagers or the husbnad.
    Same, same.

  2. Great job with the trophies ... and you look gorgeous!

  3. 1. trophies are amazing! great job!(and with you on the committee thing)
    2. you and dress look amazing too! (and photoshop out the fingers) and yes, sometimes it feels like there is an extra kid in my house too. Although its so rare that we get a photo taken together!
    3. I'm sure you'll bide your time and get your own back!

  4. WOW! I LOVE the trophies what a great idea.
    A wise lady one told me regarding Mr Sparky "he is just like his Grandfather so don't ever expect him to grow up because he won't." I don't think they ever grow up, at least he was having fun :). It looks like you had a great night out.

  5. I am so impressed with those trophies, very creative and perfect for the occasion. Impressed with your dress, too! I have one brother who has to be watched during every group photo, one child, and a grandchild who is the same - I think there is at least one joker in each generation. Good on you and hubby for the committee work you do, places become communities because of the work you do.

  6. Silly me! I always thought they were alien antennae! Just shows how I don't always fit in I guess- ha Alien!

  7. Ah Fiona, they never grow up. That's why they have patient wives like us. Trophies look fantastic and so do you. Mare

  8. It was a great night Fiona and Matthew....don't worry about him, we all understand! Your dress is fabulous and you both did a great job of the trophies!

  9. You have to love a man who does rabbit ears! The running seems to be doing the trick. You look great!



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