Saturday, 4 August 2012

A Snapshot of our Saturday

It's been lovely to stay at home this Saturday.

We've milked,

checked the weaner heifers,

and the No. 1 heifers,

took time to smell the roses daisies,

(photos compliments of Jess),

enjoyed capturing our shadows on the way home from the yards,

kept a close eye on Dad raking hay,

(there's lucerne in there somewhere),
admired the wattle blooming just in time for the Olympics,

baked a cake,

(well Jessie did),
sizzled some snags,

worked some dogs,

(not a brilliant spectator sport),

and even enjoyed a little theatrical diversion from the youngsters.

Tonight we're heading to a party.
Tomorrow we're baling hay.
I've a feeling the first half of this weekend's going to be a lot more fun than the second.


  1. Looks like a terrific day, Fiona. Have fun at the party and, er, baling hay tomorrow!? x

  2. That is definitely a perfect way to spend Saturday, I say!

  3. I've noticed the wattle coming into bloom here too.
    What a delightful looking Saturday you've had.

  4. That's quite a Saturday! It definitely looks as though it was a fun day for everyone.

  5. yes, I am wondering how bright and sparky we all were for baling today, good thing for you that the dew has to dry off first?! wattle gorgeous up here too.

  6. It's amazing how much you can fit into a day when you have to. Great shots, I especially like the shadows and the wattle. Mare

  7. Beautiful flowers Fiona......the weather was glorious on Saturday!



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