Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bottle Tree Babies & Birdlife

This morning saw a tearful farewell to Grandi after a three day visit that passed far too quickly.  Unfortunately we catch up only twice a year, a very long gap for youngsters (and oldsters) who enjoy her company greatly.  There's already talk of a visit closer to Christmas.

Yesterday we fit in a quick trip to Bottle Tree, allowing for a lap around the paddocks and picking up the truck, needed back here for the moment.

New babies greeted us at every turn.

Just like an ad for washing detergent,

we had a selection of colourful coloureds

and brighter whites.

This dainty little tyke barely knee-high to his protective mama.

A myriad of wildlife seemed to have invaded the stud paddock dam.

As well as the horses enjoying some water-grasses,

there was a selection of bird-life on display.

Four pelicans

and a black swan painting a beautiful picture.  Nineteen millimetres of rain was tipped from the guage (twelve here at home), resulting from the first early storm of the season Sunday night.  A beautiful early start to Spring.


  1. I'm sure I've said it before, but your country is looking good! and those horses impersonating hippos for sure, especially around the girth, they aren't in bad order either!

    there is nothing as crisp and lovely as a little white brahman baby...although I have a soft spot for white faced red bodied babies, oh how cute! the best of both worlds! pity they are so hard to sell, otherwise it would be out with those black bulls and in with some nice baldies lickety split. Husband would be impressed!

    ps what is that water grass I see that has been well chomped off. must be good tucker

  2. What fabulous reflections in those pics!!! ...and everything looks so green...what a great start to summer!

    Btw, that cake looks fabulous too. Well done!!!

  3. Magnificent photos Fiona.
    Everything looks so great - cattle and horses.
    Great to call us, "True Blue" Aussies.
    Well done.
    Colin (HB)

  4. Ah yes we have an abundance of babies too! I looove it!

  5. What gorgeous pictures Fiona! Glad you guys had such a great visit with Grandi.

  6. The babies and the birdlife, magnificent!

  7. It sure is beautiful.
    All those sweet little babies with their huge ears.

  8. Wow how white are those cows.. And the spring babies everyone coming out to play.x

  9. Your very own nature reserve - wild pelicans... I can only dream.



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