Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Safety First

I cleaned the shed today.
House-avoidance one could call it I guess.

Nothing was spared.  In Matthew's absence I filled the ute and a trailer with 'stuff' that I don't intend moving to Bottle Tree.

Part of the bycatch included some old baby paraphernalia long ago stored on a top shelf.  This pram served us well for all four babies, now destined for other pursuits.

Don't be concerned about the children's facial expressions ... they obviously realised the dangers of their actions and were fully prepared with mouthguards in place.

Obviously their mother's safety warnings are paying off.


  1. Love it Fiona! So are you moving to Bottle Tree then? Mel x

  2. ha! I just found the remnants of our peg perego pram in the skip bin the other day. It has served us well for a few years now as a welder trolley! Hubby actually went and bought a proper one from the store the other day.

  3. I went through a few prams over the years, trading in the single seater for a double - the twin jogger was a life saver with a baby and a toddler, and then sold to a real set of twins when the girls were big enough. Passed on the last well loved and used one to another expectant mother. Still in the shed is an old hand me down stroller, which has come in handy, with a dust off, for visiting babies and baby sitting neices! Kids however, have to be restrained from doing the very same thing yours have done, otherwise I fear it would have the same fate as the little red wagon!

    now woman, stop cleaning the shed, and vacuum the floor and scrub that toilet! ;-)

  4. I love the pram. It still gets dragged out for sports days and such because so much junk goes in it besides a child. She has a chair when she's tired too. I seem to remember converting my parents' pram into a go cart when we were kids!

  5. oldest son Shane and I spent three day cleaning out the garage and if I could have gotten the husband to go away for a while, it would be a lot cleaner............. :)

  6. Hours of fun there. I bet there was a bit of competetion for the one sitting.



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