Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Too Little Time

Sometimes days become weeks quicker than time allows for documenting them.
With Matthew clocking up in excess of 30,000 k's on his new car in the past couple of months, we seem to have just enough time on weekends for him to leave us with the following week's instructions before he heads down the road again.  With irrigating and fencing taking up much of last week, as well as a day's preg-testing (not difficult when most were springing), some fighting bulls to contend with, a sick pigalet (who didn't make it), a computer break-down and rats auditioning for cirque-du-soleil in the ceiling, it was a week I was glad to see end.

It began and ended with trips to Bottle Tree.

These little darlings popping up everywhere.

The kids moved fifty cows onto Grandad's mountain.

Dad providing ample instruction,

giving each rider a position,

pointing out potential trouble-spots,

and running over Mother's list of safety concerns.

Of course with an average age of 10, there was really nothing they didn't already know!
Cows enjoyed some fresh feed and barely lifted their heads the entire trip, making an easy ride for the youngsters.

This week I need to clean the house before a special visitor arrives at the end of the week.  Unfortunately that wasn't mentioned when my list of "if you're looking for something to do" jobs were handed over.  Sorry Grandi, you may have to take it as you find it!  See you soon.


  1. It can get away from you can't it? I find that I just run out of time quite regularly!
    You have a sensational amout of feed there, the last photo shows the next paddock well eaten out! quite a contrast.

  2. Welcome back, wondered where you were, now I know - you sure have been busy. Beautiful morning for a ride so am heading out now for a couple hours on the bike before work. Mare.

  3. So busy Fiona - loved the rats in the roof. It is a recurring problem here on The Farm also.

    I get the surprise guest sprung on me sometimes too.

    Hope all is well with you. Loved the photos of the kids shifting the cattle.

  4. gosh the feed is green still, the frosts have made everything here a nice faded shade of yellow, husband all twitchy and eyeing off the grader, it was this time last year, well actually in two more weeks, when all of our drama started. Hoping for a quieter time this year!

    love seeing the kids on their horses. mine don't get enough, sadly. but what we really want to see, is Fiona mounted on her steed, steadying the lead (or bringing up the rear as the case may be!)

  5. I want to know how come you and Sharon both disappeared at exactly the same time for over a week. Is Rocky still standing?

  6. I enjoy reading your blog, but never comment! The life you lead is my husbands dream, he walked in as I was reading tonight and said, that's it, that's all I want to do and teach my kids. Unfortunately many properties have gone to other family members and try as we might I can't see us getting there. I'm a city girl originally and don't understand the need in his blood but it's not going away any time soon is it??! It does look like a lovely lifestyle although I can imagine the hard work involved too. Four weeks til school hols! Yay!

  7. I thought I was busy at least make it sound fun!



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