Sunday, 2 September 2012

Happy Father's Day

We know it's Father's Day because it's the day of the year we always semen-test our sale bulls.

And possibly because Dad drops a few hints for many days preceding.  Unfortunately the wonders of internet shopping have let us down and a trip to the post office Friday revealed Dad's gift still in transit.  Hopefully tomorrow all will be revealed.  For today, he had to suffice with a vast array of home-made cards and gifts.

Bulls passed with flying colours and should all be fathers themselves to enjoy next year's celebrations.


  1. What a lovely photo of Dad and kids - but Jess looks like she's up to mischief! What is she contemplating doing with the contents of that cup in her hand? Mare.

  2. well that is one way of remembering fathers day ;-)

    Dad at your place looks pretty unperturbed about the lack of suitable giftage, an array of handmade cards, bookmarks and keyrings (with bling?) being handed over here. And a survey about dad completed by each child, in which each states "dad likes BEER", amongst other, rather hilarious answers. Well not sure dad was as amused as me ;-) All completed at school of course which makes me think the school staff were well entertained the day the kids completed that excercise!

    1. Must have been the same surveys doing the EQ rounds, something similar came home here! Much mention of beer, and when asked what makes Dad happy, the older kids answered "Making us kids work". Something we just don't see enough of!

  3. Love checking out what happens Down Under and happy to have caught this tidbit! Happy Father's Day to a very lucky Dad (You have a beautiful family! Those smiles says it all!)
    Blessings to all and thank you Fiona for sharing,

  4. tee hee, dad looks a bit swamped by the Kiddos, our dad here received nought as well as he and I are a bit crook and well, he hasn't been able to verbalise anything he would like , but we did take him out to lunch after kidnapping his mum from the nursing home for the first time.

  5. Oh yes i am trying to source some good squater's chairs- any hints on where you got your's or were they inherited?

  6. Haha, that is quite a way to remember Father's Day!

  7. That's a great photo, though the cup looks a bit precarious in Daughter Number One's hands! I did laugh at the way you 'celebrate' the day!



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