Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Holidays Day 3

After two days spent at Bottle Tree, Wednesday's plan included a little cooking, a little washing, a little tidying and perhaps a little mowing.  Skirtwork, as my Canadian friend Linda likes to call it.

Jess decided a little sewing might be in order, ratted through the sewing cupboard to find a piece of material, then a skirt-pattern and subsequently pestered me all day to help her.  Skirtwork in a most literal sense.

The fabric initially intended for a long-sleeved workshirt,

worked beautifully as a maxi skirt for a mini girl.

Fortunately the mulberry tree continues to provide a bountiful harvest,

with this morning's Mulberry Jelly attempt ending poorly.  Take 2 tomorrow.  Who knew mulberries were a low-pectin fruit?  How did one cook before Google?  Thankfully no such failures with Sarah's donuts for morning tea.

Nor Wallace's Choc-Chip Bikkies , his "best yet", unquote.  Unfortunately no images of said biscuits, just more of these Bottle Tree babies:

Delving into the sewing cupboard today revealed a long-forgotten quilt started some twenty years ago, and as yet incomplete.

More embroidery of farm animals to be finished, a border to be added, as well as wadding and backing, and then quilting.  More googling required.  I think it will be my first and last quilt attempt.  At twenty years per quilt, I'm just not sure how many more I have in me.


  1. The skirt is stunning. You have a little sewer on your hands. The skirt will be just the start- next it'll be cushion covers, bags and headbands.
    The Bottle Tree babies are cute as always.
    And love your quilt too.

  2. You capture everything beautifully Fiona. Holidays are just magic, aren't they?

  3. The skirt is gorgeous - clever Jess (and clever you!).

    Nothing exciting here - crops look good though due to some last minute rain and the proverbial soft finish. (Literally pennies from heaven methinks....)

  4. I just love all the beautiful sights around you! That skirt came out great- I love the fabric!

  5. Oh, you remind me of happy times when I was a teenager, raiding my mum's fabric stash to make clothes. I laughed at your quilt comments - but it does look worth finishing if you can.

  6. Hi
    The colouration (?) of that last calf - the white one with the brown face, plus the white line right down the backbone. I've never seen a more colourful calf in my life. Will it retain that colouration as it grows? Looks like you could win a baby beauty contest with this calf - ha ha!

  7. I remember making lots of my own clothes when I grew up in the country.
    The quilt looks as though it might be you and the husband per children. I'm impressed that you kept it all this time. Hopefully the will to finish it will be fast and furious! You have till next winter!

  8. I love the band on the skirt, beautiful, donuts look equally yummy, textiles are making a big comeback aren't they?

  9. I LOVE the skirt, the material AND the design. The quilt is gorgeous too, very folksy, is it too big for a wallhanging?

  10. Now that's MY kind of skirt work!!

  11. After my own nullberry jam research i knew that :) am told that using bread maker is the bees. Knees for jam making, and jam setter easily available from super market. If one remembed that is. I forgot.

  12. Great effort with the skirt. I have seen some great sewing happening on blogs today, feel quite inspired except that I spent all yesterday putting all my sewing stuff into boxes. Nice to find your blog too, are you based in Qld?

  13. is there anything that you cant do ? no / didnt think so

  14. I love that skirt. Love love love, great job. It looks amazing on your beautiful girl.
    Life looks great in your part of the world.

  15. I love that skirt, I just bought a sewing machine so I need an to find an easy pattern to start with.



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