Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I'm still running at every given opportunity, though the opportunities don't seem to come as regularly as one would like.  While Winter temperatures were certainly far more conducive to easier runs, the shorter days weren't.  Much of this year I have been running in the shed on the treadmill. B.O.R.I.N.G.  I finally sabotaged Jessie's portable DVD player and have been working my way through the 'Mad Men' series.  Not exactly motivating footage with the levels of smoking, drinking and female oppression on display, but enough to take one's mind off the relentless monotony that treadmill-running involves.  I'm now not sure if it's the running I look forward to, or my daily dose of Don Draper.
Just lately I've headed out the door again.  Finishing the jobs a little earlier of an evening, I've started pounding the track around the front paddock again.  And what a shock that's been to the musculature of my lower limbs.  The rougher terrain obviously using more muscle groups than the smooth ride of the mill.
I find running to music somewhat lessens the pain, both physical and mental and have again taken to the kids' devices.  Both Jessie's and Sarah's ipods feature "Mum's Running" playlists.
And as I recently scrolled through those songs that make up my playlist, I wondered just what do these few say about me.
Bruno Mars  - The Lazy Song
Billy Currington - Beer is Good, God is Great and People are Crazy
Billy Currington - Pretty Good at Drinking Beer
Toby Keith - Whisky for my Men and Beer for my Horses
and a favourite by Miranda Lambert - Only Prettier, with the ending line going something along the lines of "Well I'll keep drinkin' and you'll keep getting skinnier".
This Sunday Sarah, Jessie and I will be up early, hitting the road by six to participate in a fun run at the local University.
Why, I'm asking myself. Why?


  1. Fiona, I've never succumbed to a treadmill investment and have braved the outdoors throughout winter. However, time is not always on my side. Now the days are getting longer, it seems easier. I have taken to cross country tracks (aka cattle pads) as the dirt road past here has become dusty. Nothing like huffing and puffing and inhaling dust from a car going past at 100km/hr!?!
    Your running posts always give my motivation boost, cause you're looking fantastic!

  2. Go you good thing, I admire your efforts immensely! I have the treadmill and an elliptical and a vibration platform, am just missing the motivation and inclination to get on them!

  3. I am so impressed. At least you own a pair of trainers! The Lazy Song would have to head up my playlist!!!

  4. I think you have a great play list.....many of my favorite songs have beer in them.....and Don Draper is as good a motivation as any, what ever make you move....LOL

  5. Just quietly - I'd look at Don any day .....

  6. I reckon I'd run faster in pretty runners like yours :)
    But my dirty old, shouldn't-wear-them-out-gardening pair are still doing their job on the trusty treadly. It's the smell of swimsuit season on the wind that has me running my butt off. Have fun at the run!

  7. no running here, a brisk walk is my favourite speed (even in my more svlete - ahem - days, this body was not made for speed!)I have to say as much as I love the longer days, its making the bath/tea/bed school day routine stretch out a bit longer than it should!

    Good luck on the Fun Run (an oxymoran if I've ever heard one!)and enjoy that BEER afterwards!

  8. I like your playlist.....I have a treadmill too and quite useful when you have little time but you are right it is boring! Much more fun running the hills here. Ainsley's right whatever your doing keep doing it because you look great!

  9. I cannot WAIT till I can jump into my shoes and leave the kids (and soon to be baby) behind for my half hour of running bliss. I've got to have tanked up "doof doof" music to run with. Not something I listen to at all in a regular day, but maybe that's my special secret for running!? Happy days to you and yours from me and mine. Those piglets are SUPER cute. xx



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