Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Weekly Wrap

The week began and ended with a little fence-repairing,

with a good dash of the same in the middle,

both at Rock Wallaby and Bottle Tree.

Mid-week saw the youngest three and I head to a local Brangus bull sale, Dad summonsed away to attend a sale some seven hundred kilometres to our north.  With budget restrictions in place, we managed to end the day with two bulls in our possession,

unsure yet if Dad is suitably impressed ... though I've the rest of my life to hear about it.

I did enjoy meeting a fellow-blogger at the sale with a smile to brighten anybody's day.

Friday saw us head west for our annual inter-school hockey challenge, a once-a-year opportunity for our youngsters to participate in a team sport.

Jess carried the responsibility of goalie,

Wallace did something in the middle,

as did Sal,

in the junior division.

She surprised us all

coming home with not only a medallion for being a member of the winning team, but also the trophy for highest scoring Junior and Best & Fairest Junior player.

Irrigation has been in place in the lucerne paddock,

with this lot hopefully to be watered only once more before being baled and shedded sometime this month.

Though this little water feature at one of the hydrants not necessarily as it should be!  Something else for the 'to-do' list.

A trip to Bottle Tree yesterday revealing more babies

some easier sighted than others.

This darling looking like she may be carrying more than one!

The troops found time to investigate a dam

spying fish and collecting mussel shells.

Just what we need on the duchess at home.

Sal found time to catch up with a much loved pony

and parents promised that horses would return home with us for the Christmas holidays to allow for a little more joy riding instead of just work riding.

And today was spent at home.

Dad and I returned from a fencing repair job to find marble cake and jam drops for smoko, compliments of the two big girls,

not entirely fitting with our low-carb way of life, but delightful all the same.

Some found time for a little backyard cricket,

while the crowd of onlookers went wild.  And yes I will be starting sprinklers in the houseyard this week.

Late afternoon saw a group of urchins atop the pig pen searching for ripe mulberries,

Many not ripe yet, that I hope will find their way to the kitchen to be converted to Mulberry Jelly (if not muffins and pies).

And in more exciting news, oldest daughter not only ironed her own uniform for tomorrow, but Dad's work clothes as well.

News to warm the soul indeed.


  1. What a mammoth post! That little calf hiding behind the log warms the cockles. Promise me you won't eat him.

  2. Pink icing galore, the home baking looks delicious.
    All wonderful photos of your busy week.

  3. Cows & calves are looking great as does the lucerne. Must mention the ironing to my kids, Tess hasn't ever taken the bait!!

  4. Baby animal, ripe mulberries andalou child who irons! Life is surely sweet, Fiona! X

  5. My daughter has also just started delving into some baking and is doing her own ironing. On Saturday she made choc chip cookies and forgot to put the flour in the first lot, She rang me and said they had run everywhere, I said sounds like there wasn't enough flour, she started laughing and said she had forgotten to put it in- but rather than get cross at the waste, I told her to have another go. And the little fella has always enjoyed cooking scrambled eggs for dinner. Don't you just love it??

    So many new calves here too! yay!

  6. I absolutely love reading about your country life & it always inspires me to follow my dreams.
    We so much want to move to the country.
    Can't wait for it to happen.
    Congrats to your girl on her sporting awards.
    You are blessed that is for sure, Fiona.
    With this beautiful life you get to lead.
    Your kids are amazing.
    Ps thanks for all your encouragement as I nearly kill myself on the 12 week challenge-ha.

  7. well am pleased to see that we aren't the only ones silly enough to be purchasing black bulls, will look forward to seeing some black babies. and 700kms to your north sounds like in my neck of the woods, you should have sent him home the long way and had him call in here for a cuppa. although last visitor was cheeky enough to ask if my lawn mower had broken, so rest assured I have already been watering.

    mulberries here ripening faster than we can pick them or kids can eat, have sent some away to a lady who wanted some badly to make jam (collecting more for her this afternoon, can't bear to see them wasted on the tree!. Have never made muffins with them in before, details required please.

    1. Black's the new black Sharon!
      Yes, he was doing Charters Towers sale. Enjoyed a trip down memory lane whilst buying some big old Lyndhurst bullocks.
      I've never made mulberry muffins myself, but Ainsley did in her latest post. You might have to chase her down for the recipe.

  8. Brave girl to play goalie. How wonderful to have so many mulberries.

  9. Wow busy weekend!such a contrast to my life on the coast but I love it!

  10. This sounds like a busy but fun weekend! Congrats to Sal for her awards!

  11. We are living similar lives, but worlds apart! We have 4 kids and raise Hereford, Shorthorn and angus cattle. We live in Illinois in the United States. I also have a blog, kids, calves and Krazyness. Have a wonderful day!

  12. Was lovely to meet you too Fiona! You say the sweetest things... maybe we can find enough time between us to do coffee next time? Glad you got two lovely black boys to add to the herd (a nerve-wracking job that bidding!). And glad to see you aren't the only one! *waves to Sharon*
    BB (The chick with the Luna Park smile!)

    1. hey BB (waving back) I will excited for the day that shiny coated red baldies become the new black, I have a soft spot for them, they have such cheerful faces :-) Would be a very surreal experience, meeting an online bloggy friend!



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