Tuesday, 30 October 2012

It's Good

People have a rather uncomplicated understanding of weather in the bush.
If it's hot, it's hot.
If it's dry, it's dry.
And if it's raining,

It's good.

Over two inches of rain this evening, as guessed from the kitchen window looking at rain guage in fading light.


  1. stop skiting. could smell it from here, could hear the rumbling, and shortly thereafter, away go the men chasing a fire on the spinifex (the inlaws neighbours, not down in the wilderness that is Lyons Creek, thankgoodness)but nary a drop to fall on my lawn. maybe tomorrow?!

    (your brangus fence crawler won't need to be in the lucerne patch after two glorious inches! maybe she might live to fence crawl another day!)

  2. Everything looks much better with the dust washed off! 36mm for the past 2 days here...perfect, I say!

  3. Congratulations! This cooler weather is such a relief...

  4. that's good news - we've been overly greedy with the rain this season -you can have it before we begin growing webbed feet! xx

  5. You are more than welcome to all the rain Scotland has to offer in exchange for some of your sunshine :0)

  6. Excellent rainfall....pasture will love it.

  7. Excellent - we got 27 mm in about 4 falls last week. Most excellent. You forgot to say, if it's raining, someone, somewhere is striking a match!!



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