Sunday, 14 October 2012

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily...

Yesterday, for the first time in my parenting life, I joined the throngs of other Saturday-morn sporting mothers who hit the road to partake in a little oval/ring/pool/court/river-side action.

Sarah was involved in a "come and try rowing" day which obviously ticked all the boxes, as she's now a signed-up, fee-paying member.

I was happy to spend the half-day catching up with another boarder's parents who we have been friends with for many, many years and who I didn't expect to see there.

(I also didn't know these shots of me were on my camera, but may explain why when I pulled the camera out at Bottle Tree today to grab some action shots of bulls going out to work that  my battery was absolutely dead).

Despite taunts of crocs (which are often sighted in this river)

from her roguish siblings and father, Sarah absolutely loved it (and was determined to stay upright in the boat).

Grandad thinks if she remains focused and applies herself diligently ...

... we may all be off to Rio in four years.
No pressure ... I'm not a Soccer Mum.


  1. They all look fabulous in their rowing gear. It's always amazes what different activities will pique their interests. The crocs in the river'd have me staying on the farm.

  2. I reckon staying upright is a grand place to start with ambitions, never mind Grandad and Rio ;-) And rowing will really build muscle and stamina, I have no doubt Dad might be dreaming of the ease that future hay bales will be unloaded! (well done Sarah!)

  3. ps nice accidental shot. Kids took one of me today (from the rear, not bending over thank goodness) which was not nearly as flattering.

  4. What a fun morning! Glad she has found something that she really enjoys. That's a great picture of you-very nice candid shot.

  5. Loved reading this ... Especially as my Mum and Dad think we will all be off to Rio to watch our Kevin's Thomas , in the swimming pool. Lovely work Sarah.

  6. I'd be trying to stay upright too if I knew there were crocs in the river!

    xx Susan

  7. My first thought was exactly as above! I moan about lots of things in England but crocs are not something we have to worry about.

  8. Not sure about the crocs!! Everyone is up in arms in WA about the sharks but we are going into their territory. Looks like the girls had a great day



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