Friday, 12 October 2012

Ten Observations

1.  That naming two posts 'Holidays Day 1' and 'Holidays Day 3' is not necessarily indicative of a continuing pattern of posting.

2.  That dropping your first born back to boarding school at the end of holidays is no easier in Term 4 than Terms 1, 2 or 3.  You may both sit quietly on her bed holding hands with tears streaming down your faces.

3.  That allowing your two middle children to pack their own bags entirely independently to go away on school camp means you will spend the entire week worrying about what they did and didn't pack.

4.  That your thirteen year old daughter having a fringe cut for the first time in her life means you will tire quickly of saying "get your hair out of your eyes".

5.  That no quantity of age-defying Oil of Olay will rewind the ageing process endured this week.
Seeing one's mother in a resuscitation cubicle of the Emergency department surrounded by doctors, tubes, machines and beeping is harrowing to say the least.

6.  That not blogging for several weeks will lead to concerned persons whom you may have never met, emailing concerned about your family's welfare.  Which is very touching.

7.  That having only one child at home is exceptionally ... quiet.

8.  That Robert Fulghum's book "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" should be mandatory reading for any persons considering a future in politics.

9.  That tonight I'll be pleased to have my four children back under my roof.

10.  And that tomorrow's birthday in this household will be all the more joyous knowing everybody in both Matthew's and my family are currently well.


  1. And as always Fiona, you have a perfect way with words.....
    Enjoy the week-end!

  2. as I was about to email you to check on the welfare of your mother, this post has saved me the time :-) (and surely as we have so many mutual aquaintances we can't be truly strangers?!) hope she is recovering well from the weeks trauma - as are you!

    gosh those children were scrumptious, love that age where they are all pudgy and squishy. Mine are all long and lanky now, well one not so lanky, but she's very wriggly.

    how did the camp go, I was not so trusting about letting them pack themselves. Mine were sent under strict instructions that they MUST wear clean clothing, especially undies! every day!

    I just go fringes cut here, as mine had the bad habit of not brushing nor tying hair back. Makes getting ready for school a breeze.

    and skipping to the head of the matter, that header photo is a bit brief, and rather teasing. We need the full shot so as we can share in your glory of crossing the finish line!

    1. Sharon, just for the record, you have well and truly blossomed out of the 'stranger' category! I was touched to receive emails from some people I'd never heard from before enquiring that all was well (as well as you my friend).
      I love looking back at photos of the kids as littlies, mine were all very cuddly, the time passed all too quickly (probably not at the time, but definitely now it would seem).
      Kids have returned from camp this afternoon, tired and a little more tanned than when they left, all pleased to be re-united.
      And trust me ... the leg shot is all you will see from the run ... the head shots not worth sharing!

  3. Oh Fiona I hope your Mum is OK. Resus bays are indeed scary places to be.


  4. Yes others weren't the only ones concerned about you and your family. I was worried too that somethhing terrible had happened. What a scary time for you. Hoping your Mum is doing better now. Sounds like she is OK now.

  5. Oh Fiona - you've had a whole lot on your plate recently. A lot for anyone to bear. Here's to lots of hugs and family time for you all this weekend. I loved seeing the pics from the past.

  6. I hope your Mum is better now. What a scare. I feel for you, with your first born away from the nest as well.
    I could never let the boys pack their own bags, they'd take one pair of jocks for a week. Gross.
    Love to you, Niki x

  7. Oh dear, I had no idea about you mum, what a worry, I hope that all will continue to be well and that there is no more trauma. Real life gets in the way of our online world sometimes!

  8. SO pleased your mother is okay. People are used to your regular vivid and missed you it seems! x
    It is quite spooky here when people go on camp, even one of them. When the twins go we barely know what to do with the quietness.
    I always let mine pack too, since the boys often come home in what they left wearing anyway!
    Those old photos are too special! It does make one a little wistful.

  9. Sounds like your hands and heart have been full - but I guess the health scares and the times apart just remind us to value the times together all the more. Hope the coming birthday feels like an especially rich celebration.

  10. I'm sorry to hear you have had a distressing time, Fiona. Hope your Mum has completely recovered. You are trusting to let the kids pack their own bags, I hope they appreciagted how much faith you have in them. Come to think of it, I probably would have trusted one of my four, but definitely not the boys. Love the new header - well done!

  11. Was so glad to see that you were back online. We were missing your words and worried that something was wrong. Hope your Mum is well again.

  12. That's no good about your mother. I hope she's better now. Poor thing. What a shock for everyone. I agree with alot of your points esp. when the house empties how quickly it fills with silence and spare time. Those emails are testament to your kindness and good humour. And those baby photos! Really! Aren't they gorgeous?!

  13. Fiona, I'm so sorry to hear about your gorgeous Mum. What a stressful time. I hope she continues to be well. I love seeing the photos of your kids when they were little - without stating the obvious it's so gorgeous that they still look exactly the same now as they did when they were younger. It must be so nice when they are all under the one roof - it seems like ages away but you've reminded me how fast time goes and I know the time will come around fast when mine will start leaving the nest too. Have a great week! Mel xx

  14. Goodness... things HAVE been a bit full-on haven't they?
    Hoping your Mum recovers well and that your first-born continues to love rowing (two post answers in one here, I know). I was a rower. If you can handle the early mornings, it's all good!

  15. It sounds as though you have all been through the wringer - take care and good health and best wishes to you all.

  16. Good to see you back.
    I can totally relate to Number 5 after having a daughter in ICU for 8 weeks and a father in ICU and a coma for 5 weeks

  17. That is a lovely photo of your parents. I'm glad Auntie Marie is out of hospital and feeling better.

  18. You just never know what is around the corner, what a beautiful post......

  19. All so true! I'm very sorry to hear that about your mum, I hope all is well for her again. x



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