Tuesday, 23 October 2012

This and That

Just in case you were wondering ... we are still here.

With weather warming, this has been the breakfast of choice for some.

Hopefully the next couple of months will see frozen berries replaced by fresh mangoes, with these tiny little delights making an appearance.

Hot days have meant Sally comes home and waters the pigs of an afternoon.

In fact the only thing flourishing in the house yard at the moment is this old bougainvillea.

The bird has been sentenced to life on the verandah,  he's managed to scatter bird seed through most of the house.  Pleasing for the mice who have moved in as the rats departed, not so pleasant for she who doggedly tries to keep the place at least hygienic if not photo-shoot-ready.

The long-haired one came home from camp with a decidedly dotted appearance.

Even so, a grand adventure was had by all.

Wallace has been spending quality time with Marmaduke, next year's led steer.

Already, there's some murmuring that he should be kept as a pet, not sent to the processor.
This can only end badly.

The potted dwarf agapanthus are putting on a little show on the front steps.

The bore water coats them with white powder, thankfully they're a little tougher than the multitude of rose bushes killed by the same.

Speaking of killing, we've had a rather torrid time in the fish tank this past fortnight.  Palergeis remains victorious, the toughest fish in the world.  His fancier and far more expensive friends couldn't pull through.

Coupled with the heifer who had to be pulled deceased from a molasses trough, it was a rough time for all.

On a brighter note,

this little fellow was caught in the hay shed by our oldest wildlife warrior.  If he can survive the eagles, foxes, dingoes, myxomatosis and calicivirus, his future looks bright.


  1. Looks like you need some rain out your way.
    Mango smoothies- yummo.

  2. oh dear, bad bore water is the pits! I am really lucky that our's is great- I am totally in love with my garden at the moment. Hhhmn the rabbit, my husband told me once that it was illegal to keep one as a pet in Qld.

  3. Good grief, you guys seem to have had a lot going on. I remember having chicken pox juts like it was yesterday. I still have a nice little scar in the middle of my forehead.

  4. well I have been writing a long overdue post in my head that was going to be titled the same as yours...guldarnit, now I have will have to think of some other literary pearl ;-)

    #1 kid came back from camp somewhat similar, although by the looks the sandies were biting a bit more when your kids were there! sounds like it was enjoyed.

    my mangoes are bigger than yours (snicker) although am amazed (and thankful) that one tree is weeks in front of the other. But terribly smart and thoughtful of them. Bracing myself for the Battle Of The Parrots, soon to commence I have no doubt.

    Bunnies galore here. Cats catch them, but sometimes can't even bring themselves to eat em. Rescued one "teenager" bunny (it wasn't a big one and it wasn't a baby one) destined to be chased around the loungeroom and gave it to the little boy across the road. My kids devasated, but I told them the guinea pigs that got away were the last rodent like pet we were going to have!

  5. ps and as if I didn't say enough to start off with: get ye some guppies, or plain old goldfish. Guppies breed (live breeders) voraciosly, should cover any deaths that way AND have left overs to populate - and keep algea levels down - water troughs around the place!

  6. My mangoes are on par with yours Fiona, 5 trees worth, can't wait and poor Sally with those sandlfly bites, savage critters they are and soooo sneaky!

  7. Yes, I was wondering where you were but knew you'd be busy doing something interesting! Mare

  8. I been to the city an' it aint pretty. Looks like someone left the gates open and there was cattle (people) rushing everywhere. Saw a lady who thought she was Marilyn Monroe and a young family living rough in ANZAC Square.
    Give me fire and drought and flooding rain any day.

  9. Hi love, thanks for your funny comment, was laughing. Ha. All good in your world then, poor munchkins with the bites tho. Ouch.
    Catch up when I get back, love Niki x



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