Sunday, 28 October 2012

Weather Report

Only five mil of rain to report for the day here at RockWallaby.  23 at BottleTree though, where we chose to spend this Sunday.
Matthew and Wallace had headed up yonder yesterday to do the rounds.  Happening upon a mob of breeders with a dozen 'strangers' attached, they took the opportunity to yard them, including two speary-horned cleanskin mickeys, fresh from the mountains.  Whilst no photographic evidence exists, it would appear to me, that much like his fishing stories, they weren't near so big and scary in real life as the story painted over the dinner table last night.

These old darlings were walked back to their mountain paddock in the cold, wet rain.

Of course no Sunday would be complete without a little mechanical tinkering thrown in.
Quite the contrast from Saturday, when with the boys gone bush, and Sarah weekending at school, the two remaining girls cooled themselves with a little water-play.

Country in these parts has browned off considerably.  It's always much the same this time of year, extending you to your limits before the first storms of the season roll in.  

That little green patch visible in the middle is our irrigated lucerne paddock.  That pesky black dot in the centre is a Victorian Brangus heifer who has decided this paddock is the closest thing to her homeland in the area.  While her mates are showing signs of declining nutrition, she's doing surprisingly well.

What she doesn't realise is that if she's not careful she's going to find herself in the cold-room.


  1. Love the heifer with her eye on the main chance....

    Hope all is well with you.


  2. We've plenty of rain here if you'd like some. Snow too!!

  3. while it does nothing for the cows, artistically I have to say a backdrop of dried off grass serves as a great backdrop, photographically!

    nothing like a killer that is almost grain fed, I have to say the lucerne is looking rather fine.

    no rain to report up here, have had a few spots (silly me got the washing off the line) and two loud claps of thunder from the south. I laughed when I read of a severed storm warning for the district, although husband tells me he has sighted nasty lightning so I guess we are about 200kms off the money. Seeing as I have already heard of fires from that lightning, I reckon I'll be happy to keep watering the lawn until the next lot comes round!

  4. ps your children seem in dire need of a lick trough to swim in rather than a meat tub that seems to be on the small side!

  5. Did that greedy heifer not think you'd notice her just slipping in all huge and black on the green horizon? Let's hope for more cool weather and some real rain to uncrisp everything.

  6. Mountain "mickeys"!!!!!
    I didn't think you would have any of them in your neck of the woods. How on earth were they missed in earlier musters?
    We have had welcomed rain here on the Weekend and the temperature has fallen considerably - a dead set occurance when I decide the "doona" is no longer required!!!
    It looks presently that more rain is about to come down - the good drenching stuff.

  7. Ha! yes! fill your freezer I say! Silly thing will never stay in her own paddock now!

  8. Yes the black heifer doesnt camoflauge too well in that lovely bright green.



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