Monday, 19 November 2012

Another Weekend

We spent most of the weekend finding fat cows.  

hands on hips mandatory for counting out.

A meatworks cheque a few weeks before Christmas helps put the ho in the ho ho ho.

The team found it a little dull, and stinking hot.

Jess displayed her artistic talents, yet another shortfall in the genetics lucky dip.

Baby calves are still falling.  This little heifer hiding herself in the brown grass.  Unfortunately very limited rain having fallen at Bottle Tree yet.

Her young Mum quick to arrive on the scene after seeing our interest.

What are you doing behind that tree big fella?

Spirits rose considerably when we headed west to undertake a fixed time AI program Saturday dinner time, with a hundred and twenty droughtmaster heifers awaiting our arrival.

Most exciting was the knowledge that nine puppies were also present.

Try as they might we managed to come home without one.  Our Ruby hopefully due to deliver some of our very own just two days after Christmas.

Back to Bottle Tree Sunday. 
These youngsters starting to look like a bit of branding work come first week of school holidays.

Four weeks of school left for the youngsters, two for Sarah.
But who's counting?


  1. The countdown is on here Fiona although Tess arrived home yesterday which has put a spring in all our steps!

  2. gosh Sally has grown this year! ( what has happened to her work hat, there must be a tale to tell there). And how did we ever dress ourselves prettily for work before RB Sellars I do not know. No girl should be without a pink (or pink striped) workshirt in her rotation.

    First thing I noticed was the hands on hips (of both of you) Now I could be wrong, but I bet the hand on the hip stance is seen a bit around your place ;-)
    (and now after I think about it, and see my kids do might just happen here a bit too!)

  3. and I don't want to skite, but only 13 more days of school here...(which makes me wonder how the school play is going to go, seeing as they tell me they haven't started rehearsals yet!)

  4. We're finishing off the last few big asignments etc here so they are al tired and tetchy. Looking forward to a chilled out week of nothing when they finish before the humbug season!

  5. Well Fiona, you cannot blame the kiddies. Those pups looked lovely (especially the last photo! He/she won my heart!)
    So much heat and dust! Wish I could bottle some of this deluge we are experiencing! 10 weeks without rain...Guess we are now trying (and succeeding) to catch up all in once!
    I can always count on you for providing me with a peak at outback's real life!
    Thanks for sharing and blessings to all,

  6. When your kids start to look hot, it must be hot. I guess the puppies made up for anything - they're adorable.

  7. Oh! You missed out on the recent rain?? I thought it was falling all down the Pacific Coastline from Cairns into northern NSW.
    You couldn't have appreciated the three horrific storms that hit Brisbane, especially the first one of 20 minutes of sheer mayhem.
    I have never seen anything like it. The rain came at you just like bullets fired at a firing range, none of that straight down stuff. Horrible, plus it kept changing directions!!!
    Fortunately I just got home from the CBD, seconds in advance of it and got everything closed, but the TV and this computer were knocked out, didn't have time to pull out all the plugs. Thankfully, by means unexplained, all worked again after the "mayhem". For storms 2 and 3, I bloody well turned off everything - ha ha.
    I sure hope you soon get some good soaking stuff, but not like the recent ones that hit here.

  8. Those puppies are so cute. I bet it was hard to go home without one!

  9. It's still coming for us here, but you know the humidity is upping the anti when your benches don't dry and your feet are sticky from the moisture on the floors, can't be too far away can it?

  10. We are having Cairn terrier puppies a week or so before Christmas. Seems the year for it!

  11. Not long til your beautiful kids are all at home. I cant believe how quickly christmas is approaching.



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