Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hams, Hats & Ho Ho Ho

You know it's officially Christmas when the smell of smoking hams permeates every area of the house and surrounds.

Smoked ham ... our official scent of the season.

The big fella took the reins today, my turn yesterday while he cut hay.  The intricacies of the smoking machine a fine match for those of the Acco gearbox, there are just some skills in life I'm sure I can live without.  The steel handle in his grasp the controlling factor in how much air is allowed entry to the fire, and thus what level of smoke is created and temperature generated.  It mightn't be rocket-surgery, but it's close.

The teenager finishes school this Friday.  With an assignment due tomorrow and four exams before Wednesday, she had a little light reading to catch up on this weekend.

Jess and Wallace are far more importantly preparing for a dress up character day this Friday,

a little millinery activity

preceded a dress rehearsal.  Sal busied herself with the important task of providing Santa with some helpful hints.

Workboots for Christmas. Ho ho ho.  I'd rate that one up there with the weed-eater, the frying pan and the iron.  True story.

So with the whips-a-cracking we're heading into the silly season.  A planned two day town trip this week cut short by the need to be home to bale hay.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.


  1. Yay! cracking whips! haha funny that! new work boots, what a treat! How lucky that it wasn't a new vacuum cleaner or washing machine- sorry some things are just tools of trade, not pressies. I am sure some new bauble would be much appreciated!

  2. It is a relief that the teens are finishing up so we have no more exam/assignment anxiety or apathy. Mine are twins and, as such, opposites in all things.
    Home smoked ham sounds delicious!

  3. Tip: You onlu have to muck up operating the smoker just once to never, ever be allowed anywhere near it again. Worked for me, anyway. I can feel the Christmas excitement growing!

  4. Another busy week in your household! Smoked ham scent? How refreshing! An assignment and four exams before Wednesday? Sounds like Uni. Love the fabric on the hat, Wallace looks very handsome (and a little mischievous) and that's a very practical Christmas list. Have a good week. Mare.

  5. ho ho ho indeed, am very impressed with your girls modest and practical list for santa!

    I bought myself a new food processor from him to me for christmas :) so very exciting. But I might let the kids loose in the jewellry isle at big w/diva, they love choosing mum new bright earrings as much as I love wearing them (and without breaking the bank too!)

    perhaps one could loose track of time in town...oh dear, I forgot all about the hay!!!!

  6. Smoked ham - wow! I think my Christmas pressies this year will be very practical also.

  7. You sure got some special kids there.Great Santa list that!!. Sure looks like a bit of fun at Nan and Pop's place.



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