Wednesday, 21 November 2012

It's a Boy Thing

Found whilst yet again tidying his and Sally's bedroom.  He obviously hasn't ticked that one off the list yet, though I think he's going fairly well with point 1.


  1. Oh Fiona, that just made me laugh out loud. I love it!! xxx

  2. Haha. I love it. My eldest is 16 & still actually goes out of his way to annoy his siblings, to the point of even asking me if there was any sort of profession out there that annoying people would be a asset. He'd get the job for sure. Boys!!!!

  3. what amazes me that he had to write it down, I thought it would have come with the territory and surely he would NOT forget! (me these days, I keep telling my husband that if he wants me to do something he HAS TO write it down. Which could well be dangerous now that think of it, however he hasn't thought of adding THAT to my list!)

    And I do note that Wallace has moved to adding "tails" to his letters!

  4. That's a beautiful list, especially number 1 - that's his top priority. I had two brothers like that, only they didn't write it down - they just did it! Keep this list - it will give everyone a good laugh in years to come! We have had word from India - he made it and is loving it; and I'm not painting the chairs (I also think it's sacrilege to paint a wooden chair). I'm just going to sand and varnish. Mare

  5. Great list, definately worth sharing, very funny!

  6. Classic... Dash had one the other day that I cannot even share... *sigh*.
    They are a different breed, these little men!



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