Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Melbourne Cup, Marlborough Style

We love an opportunity for a 'do' in the bush.
And Melbourne Cup provides not only a chance to sample some delectable culinary delights, but also to glam up a little.
Here are a few glimpses of my day.

Bull Sales.  Check.
Melbourne Cup.  Check.
Next stop ... Christmas.


  1. Wow all looks so good. Oh my that cake with the oreos. Holy guacamole. You always find the most gorgeous dresses, girl. Beautiful. Red is your colour, you look fantastic. I love the fruit punch & the flowers too, looks like a wonderful day in the country. I backed the winner, yay, as it had part of my name in it. Ha. And I backed Kelinni too because it has part of Kel's name. Good day all round. Love to you & yours, Niki x

  2. It looked like a fun day! Country style.

  3. Lovely hat and dress Fiona! It always feels so good to be able to join a 'do' and dress for the occasion! Lovely shots of the kiddies and the blooms!
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Great that you celebrated in appropriate fashion. It sure is a great day - would have been far better if I was one who picked the first 4!! For an outlay of $24.00, just think of what you could do with $969,406.60! Aaaaaaaaah - now why didn't I select those 4???
    Well always next year!

  5. You bushies certainly know how to put on a good do! I chickened out as the idea of trying to glam up at the moment was overwhelming. Next year!

  6. That food looks delish but it's the people who add the colour and flavour to the occasion. It looks like such a fun day out! And your dress looks fab. Dare I give away my age and say I had one just like it in the 60s!

  7. found you the other day via Maxabella. Looks like a fun day was had. can I just ask, can you please blog about that Oreo Cake, my mouth is watering.

  8. not a bad set of pins on the old girl (and love the red shoes on the end of them!) you all scrub up very nicely (but where was Jessie?!)

    and you marlbourough p and c ladies really know how to put some delicious food on the table! Holy smokes, the advertising for the "do" should have had a disclaimer at the bottom: elastic waistbands recommended!

    We had a great day out as well, somehow managed to buy a horse in the calcutta without a single bid (aren't mates nice) which of course ran somewhere in the back of the pack. Fashions, as ever, were high, we take seriously the chance to frock up out here in the sticks!

  9. You look lovely in red; very stylish! Mare

  10. Dress, hat and red shoes - winning combo! Love the look of those desserts too!

  11. Love love love your outfit entirely Fiona....what a great day for you all. I love the photo of all the boys wrestling...of course that's what you do, Melbourne Cup or not!!

  12. you scrub up nicely, m'dear! Rocking the red.



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