Thursday, 8 November 2012

Of Convicts and Cows

Our school enjoyed a visit from a pair of drama teachers this week.  This is the third year Tim and Howard have visited and this year the theme of the day was Australia's early settlement with much discussion of convicts and penal colonies.

The students went to school dressed as convicts.

Sal making use of a Cinderella costume I'd made for Sarah quite some years back when she performed the title role in the end of year play.

On the same day I delivered what I hope to be the last round of molasses for the year.

The trickle from the pipe indicating just how low the tank is.  The suggestion from my husband last week to just wait until this latest weather system passed through before ordering another load proved to be great advice.

By the time they enjoy these last troughs of goodness, the three inches of rain we had should have pushed some good fresh feed through for them.

Perfect timing, with bulls gone out to work.

Some good luck combined with good weather makes good management seem easy.


  1. well I reckon the heifer don't look too bad, and the good thing about black cows and molasses :-) you can't see how much they get all over them!

    nothing makes it seem like you are running a tight operation than three inches of rain at the right time! Something has gone wrong with our ordering system however, no rain being delivered so far, although I can smell it as I type but don't hold high hope for much to come of it.

  2. Great costumes there.
    Your cows look happy with their sweet molasses treat.

  3. Hi Fiona, I like to hear the store about that hat........ LOL

  4. It's always handy to have a stockpile of costumes.
    I have a cracker of a fur Viking cape from a trivia knight a couple of years ago. I don't get to wear it much in Brisbania though!

    1. Wallace's latest obsession is Vikings ... how he'd love to get his hands on a cape!
      And those helmets with the horns.



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