Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Throw another Snag on the Barbie

Looks like we'll be doing a little of that.

And with eight hams soaking in brine in the cold room,
it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas.


  1. Large quantities of meat, big families and the bush! I remember my Dad coming home with a 'beast' and all of us carrying in the bags in a long round procession. Dinner would be whatever was in the next layer down in the box freezer. It was a cheap way to go and we were extremely well fed! Those sausages look very artfully made.

  2. OOO yum, yum I can't wait for christmas hams :)

  3. I am not skilled at all in the art of making sausage bundles so have been relegated to just bagging the finished article. Not upset about that at all. And our piggy, the one that has been wandering around ALL YEAR? STILL wandering around. We are going to have one ginormous ham for christmas. Well, I think it will be more like pork as I bet they won't do any smoking...

  4. How long do you leave them in the brine? Do you add anything special to it?
    It all looks delicious.



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