Sunday, 2 December 2012

Catching Up

It's easy to call yourself a morning person in Summer, early sunrise allowing opportunity for a few more jobs before the school run.

This Friday just gone we had a dress-up character day at school as well as bring in an international dish representing your country of study for the term (yes, would have liked to have been a fly on the wall at that staff meeting ... hee, hee, hee, lets give these mothers something to do ... day after a swimming carnival mind you)!

So early Friday morning saw Jess up with the roosters baking a sponge cake and re-creating a Norwegian Blotkake.

This same young girl,

who drew the short straw and was out of bed at half four the previous morning to drive for us while we picked up hay.  Suddenly, boarding school's not looking so bad.

And while Wallace's nacho mince simmered (Mexico), and Sal's pizza grilled (Italy), I whipped up a few of these little delights to take with us down to visit Matthew's family for the weekend.

With cooking complete, we stepped into costume.

 Enter the Mad Hatter,

Indiana Jones,

and Count Dracula.

Bring on the holidays.


  1. WOW! Gorgeous kids, yummy food, fantastic costumes & great photos...
    A very clever family, I'd say!

  2. great costumes - wallace getting a lap out of mums good jacket by the looks, and mum reliving the 80's with the mad hatters eye makeup! (vampire looking very vicious as well). You did a great job for someone who declares herself non creative!

    Jessie doesn't go next year does she? another year to go surely...(and you can tell her I wouldn't be able to make a sponge cake anywhere as good as her..she must have her mothers touch!)

  3. Looks like you all did a brilliant job on the costumes and food. I found it hard enough having one child when it came to those kind of school things, never mind a gang! They never gave you much warning of what you had to rustle up.

  4. Sometimes you have to wonder about those tasks set by teachers!!!!

  5. Great costumes! That sponge cake looks delicious. And the little puddings look pretty good, too.

  6. Holy rumballs, how good do the kids look?
    And the baking. I love the new header. Love love love. Can't wait for holidays either. Bring it onnnnn.

  7. All those dishes look really tasty and the costumes are amazing! That must have really taken some work.

  8. You guys are ever so marks for all, especially Jess driving for you to load the hay! I remember!

  9. What an amazing post. The cake looks scrummy and the kids to marvellous. Don't you just love end of term 4 with all these things on at school with Christmas fast approaching. I second the bring on the holidays. Louise

  10. I love the new look for December. Wonderful costumes too.

  11. Absolutely awesome costumes - and cooking! Life is never dull at your house! Mare

  12. It's so exhausting at the end of the year isn't it?! I'm exhausted just looking at all your things on last week! But you did it with such flare! Great costumes - mad hatters hat impressive! I am so impressed that your kids actually made the dishes and a sponge no less and before school!!! You are a wonderful Mum!



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