Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Puppy Love

The tip-toeing of youngsters could be heard before 5 Christmas morning.  The discussion regarding a 6 am rise, subsequent feeding of animals, coffees for Mum and Dad, all before present opening at 7 obviously dismissed in the excitement.  

The sound of the screen door closing suggesting they may be off to feed the hungry hordes.
Then the distant cry of "Puppies".  "Puppies".  "Puppies", reached us. 

And we too, were bolt upright, scrambling from bed, searching for workboots and racing for the dog cages, pyjama-clad.

To meet Ruby's most precious Christmas gift to us ... six babies ... three males, three females.

Not due until the 29th, we could have saved a pretty penny on Christmas shopping had we known how the timing would unfold. 

Children not as keen as would usually be the case to head for town to enjoy Christmas with my family.

Home again now, I'm not expecting to sight children for at least another five weeks.


  1. Puppies! What a special Christmas surprise and holiday entertainment!

  2. and then comes the agony, which ones do we keep? assuming these are special bred, super duper working dog litter, its so hard to work out which one is going to be the winner, and which ones to sell/give away!

  3. Clever dog! Mine would expect nothing else if they could just have a puppy or six. Lala found one on a site called "Pre-loved Pets" n the UK!

  4. The puppies are so so so cute. What breed are they? Merry Christmas

    1. Lisa, they're Border Collies and will hopefully all grow up to be working cattle dogs. Merry Christmas to you and yours also.

  5. That must rate as one of the best Christmas gifts ever.

  6. Ours came 4 days early too! It's a great time wasting operation! I bet you don't have a plastic kennel set up in your family room like we do!! ours are 2weeks old now and are so gorgeous.

  7. How gorgeous! What a truly special Christmas gift.

    xx Susan



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