Sunday, 9 December 2012

Summer Days

We had a quick daytrip to Bottle Tree yesterday.  The most important tool in the kit at the moment is this:

Summer's putting on quite a show for us,

staff have even resorted to wearing shorts.

This bull, one of four trucked away yesterday.  They'll begin their careers as sires tomorrow.

The succession of hot, dry days with temperatures in the high 30's has resulted in country drying out fast.

Cattle at Bottle Tree are in remarkably good condition, though strategies are starting to be discussed.  Dates chosen for certain events to unfold if a rain event hasn't arrived.  Another fortnight without rain will see one paddock of breeders bushed onto that mountain.  One thing we've learnt over the years is how to manage these conditions.

This young fellow has obviously been reading Winnie the Pooh.  "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think".  Though I'm not sure how smart he is, picking a fight with Dad.

This beautiful little girl is Jessie's.  Being the wheeler-dealer she is she swapped us a bull calf for this heifer, intent on upsizing her herd.

And back on the home-front,

Sarah and I have been enjoying some time together re-modelling her and Jessie's room.  More photos to follow upon completion.  Goodbye fuchsia, hello neutral.


  1. am completing ignoring how dry it is as that topic is a bit depressing (how spoilt have we been with early storms the past few years) but totally agreeing about the water bottle - can't keep the water up to the garden, instead its moving the sprinkler on a which bit is dying basis. And having no end of water strife with our cattle but fingers crossed "we" (you know I mean "he") have it sorted today.

    Loving the nuetral shade of milky coffee you have chosen, it goes well with so many other colours! Look forward to seeing the results...and how much has Sarah grown up this year.

  2. undercoat smundercoat I note ;-)

  3. Argh! Terribly dry here too. I am moving the floods in the garden from spot to spot making sure everything keeps thriving, paddocks are horrendous, licks and cotton seed are the go here!

  4. It does look so dry. Still, the cows and kids look pretty happy with their lot which is what matters!

  5. The country does look so dreadfully dry, makes me appreciate the greenery here. But how beautiful your country is, in all seasons! Love the father and son, shot!

  6. Will you come paint my house? Mare

  7. A change is as good as a holiday. the room will look great with its new colour scheme.
    The calf photos are gorgeous.

  8. Fiona, you made me laugh! Have a look on my next post and you'll see why. Delegation!
    Your baby calf is very sweet as is your little painter/decorator!

  9. Painting projects are always fun! I'm sure you guys are having a good time with that.

  10. Well Fiona from those photos, rain is SURE needed. Still TRYING to rain in Brisbane, but it is a lot greener here than in your area.
    Rain is forecast for this week, so fingers crossed that you will get a good drenching up your way.

  11. Love that look of concentration on the painter/decorator's face. You can send her round here afterwards. (She might like our temperatures - 4C max!)

  12. Fiona
    There is hope yet - Brisbane got a steady drenching for a couple of hours. More expected and it has cooled down. Hopefully it will also spread and move up to your Bottle Tree etc.



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