Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Wallace celebrated his tenth birthday earlier in the week.
A rather laid back affair.

Sugar-coated cherry and white chocolate mud cake.

Not the most memorable cake I've ever tasted.

Note to self:  stop trying new recipes for special occasions.

Some friends came for a sleep-over on what was a particularly hot Summer's day.

The dam in the milker's paddock resembling more of a puddle than a water-park.

Which of course didn't bother any of the kids.

These princesses, too busy working dogs to join us at the dam, had to opt for a cool-down in the 'pool'.
Another 38 degree day today and I might have to join them this afternoon.


  1. Happy Birthday Wallace!
    My wheelbarrow has been busy cleaning the milker yard but the water version looks much more enticing....

  2. I love your life. Love! I have such wonderful memories of growing up on a farm and seeing things like this always makes me smile.

  3. What a great day for Wallace....can you believe it was 10 years ago? How time flies!

  4. Very hot here to. Kids are so resourceful aren't they. Only wish our wheelbarrow didn't have a crack in it!! Louise

  5. well the cake looked impressive even if the taste did not reflect appearance.

    am impressed that the water hole is nice and gravelly and not disgusting around the edges. Some benefit from living near the hills perhaps!

    Must speak to your children and get photo of their mother lolling in the wheelbarrow cooling off. that I would like to see. Those two girls must have been packed in pretty tight or else you have an extra large barrow! (but BRILLIANT idea!)

  6. Great fun had by all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALLACE great photos like always

  7. Ten is lovely as are sleepovers, the dam and any birthday cake at all! Happy Birthday to you Mr Wallace!

  8. It certainly looks like Wallace had a wonderful birthday! The cake looks delicious.



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