Thursday, 3 January 2013

101 Ways with Mince

We spent the morning making snags. 

A rather tedious job ...

... apparently.

We helped some friends out with slaughtering a bullock a few days back.  A big old rogue fairly intent on not  leaving the place, he'd jumped out of the yards a number of times when due to be loaded.

We have him well contained now.  We were very graciously given half of the bullock, a welcome relief to the glut of pork we've experienced in the past month.  With our half including thirty-five kilos of mince, packed and frozen just ready to hit the table as lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise, savoury mince and rissoles, we also kept another 20 kilos separate for sausages.

Romanian Jewish Sausages.
Beefy Pub Bangers.
Mustardy Beef Sausages.
Smoky Bacon & Onion Snags.

A rather messy business.

The big fella cut hay this evening.
We head back to Bottle Tree tomorrow to brand the last paddock.
Holidays are over ...
according to some.


  1. Those sausages sound great.
    I think we are are all looking forward to the "proper" wet season arriving after you've got that hay baled, of course!!

  2. did the holidays ever start? oh sorry, some of us did go to the beach ;-) Am currently considering a night, then a day, then a night at maggie island just to get stressed husband away and have some time with the kids. Providing we can get waters and cattle sorted to a state we can be away for three days (day getting there, over there and day getting back). It usually rains when we go away so perhaps we should go sooner rather than later.

    There's some goumet sausages that come out of the Rock Wallaby butchers shop! (and that killer was a whopper, or did a lot of him turn into mince). He;s not the only rouge to meet a fate like that, a certain poddy we named Feral Cheryl, whose temperment did not improve with age, met her fate galloping away one day. Fixed her!

    Did I mention our 12 month old pig is finally in the comes to that time of day when I yell at kid 1 2 or 3 to feed the list of critters...and I run short of animals. I wouldn't say she is missed, although the pile of bird attacked mangoes to be disposed of is certainly much higher!

  3. Right, that does it - I officially declare Australian women the hardest workers in the world :)
    Wishing you all a most wonderful 2013 and keep those posts coming when you can actually find a spare minute!

  4. Real sausages. Not like the poor excuse we see in the city supermarkets.


  5. Excellent sausages, I have kgs and kgs of mince in the freezer still and I love it, the favourites here are spaghetti bolgnese, spaghetti and meatballs, lasagne and cannelloni and of course rissoles. I am glad that rogue steer is now well "contained".

  6. Reminds me of my youth. A couple of days cutting up a beast. The best bit was the BBQ ribs. What a treat.

  7. We cheat a bit these days by employing the friendly farm butcher. Not for one moment do I miss the process of "beast to freezerNot the sausages are pretty yummy too.Not sure what we'd do if the neighbours suddenly said, "Come and help and we'll go you halves!"



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