Thursday, 31 January 2013


And so now the year proper begins.

Kids, big and small back to school.
Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.
Be prepared NAPLAN.

The three youngsters off to primary school Tuesday allowing Sarah and I one last day at home together to pack, prepare and possibly shed a few tears.  We collected the others at 3 and all headed to town.  Excited by new subject choices, new timetables, a new laptop to collect and rowing and netball to sign up for, the beginning of this new school year should be far less anxious than last year.

We spent a sweltering, hot Monday afternoon water-side, enjoying one of the freshly filled dams.

Heifers came out of the hills to investigate.

I think their concern primarily aimed at their multi-purpose lick trough.

Never mind girls, it'll be Winter soon enough, lick will be re-dispensed.


Sally hit Wallace in the mouth with an oar.
Tears were shed.
Blood was spilt.
Harsh words were spoken.
It isn't all picture-perfect here people.

With roads closed in all directions, wet weather allowed the big fella a little shed time.
While I may have thought the hay-baler was being serviced, 
this instead has appeared:

The "Holy Smokes Mark 11"

As I type, it's still doing its thing out there with more hams and bacon.

Come hell or high water, we won't starve.

Unlike some in Rockhampton.
Woolworths' and Coles' shelves still depleted due to southern highway closures.
A story this morning of one woman picking up the last dozen loaves of bread at one local Woolies.
Upon reaching the checkout it was explained to her there was a 2 loaf per customer limit.
She promptly dropped ten loaves to the floor and stood on them.

In the words of my father,
the more people I meet, the more I like my dog.


  1. yikes, what a piece of work. while I would like to say you have all of the weirdos down your way...I think there are a few of them up here too. Milk shortage in town (but fresh coming in tomorrow) and the supermarket owner was smart enough to freeze excess bread earlier on so at least we had that. The flooding doesn't just affect those directly in the path of the water! (in good news, the mail has been distinctly light on in bills and the like this week!)

    Not sure I will show Trevor the pic of the smoker, otherwise he'll be on the phone to yours asking more details...(although words were spoken about NO MORE quasi pet pigs)

  2. ps wanting to try the lick trough idea out for myself...I can see it with a few cushions, me lying back in comfort with book in one hand, cool drink in the other, idyllically floating around the dam...although a shorter version so I could trail my feet and hands in the water would be far more romantic. I wonder if the husband would notice one missing from the paddock ;-)

  3. Until the very end, all was very interesting.
    Good to read the all seems OK in your neck of the woods regarding excess rain and flooding.
    As for that woman, well I would have stomped on her. No doubt she is know to the locals, I wouldn't like to be in her "boots". A relocation might have to be considered. Maybe Kabul, Damascus, Beruit or Tripoli might be good places???

  4. The smoker looks good but not as good as the contents, YUM.

    There is always stories of greed and selfishness at times of disaster. Some people never tink to 'be prepared'. Hopefully the stories of bravery and heroism out number these.

  5. I always thought it was the full moon that did those things to people - come to think of it there was a full moon earlier this week....

    I like the lick trough tub too. We lost 2 of ours to flood so I am guessing there may be a few more trough boats around down towards the coast... lucky people

  6. Boy that smoker looks good. Looks like fun on the water - a perfect way to spend some time.
    Have to agree with your father!

  7. I forgot about Naplan and mine are Year5,7, 9 and 9 too. The laptops were a nice sweetener to get the Yr 9ers back to school although deep down I still despise them.
    People do the strangest things in times of trouble but who knows what happened to that woman this week. There is often a back story at times like this.
    Glad you are all okay.x

  8. NAPLAN is just one of those things isn't it! I have 3 and 5 this year but trying to down play the whole thing reminding them it is for the school to know where to put their time and effort!
    Hope Sarah has settled in well, the sport helps I think. I love the lick tub, will not be showing my boys we have quite a few Anipro ones sitting here idle only one can imagine them all on the would be funny and their father would be beside himself!
    I love how you smoke your own hams and bacon, such traditions and home cookery are beautiful.
    I hadn't heard that story but there was one similar in 2011...I myself made my own bread yesterday, have never done it before and it turned out. Society has certainly taken peoples ability to think for themselves away..
    Love your blog Fiona, you children and beautiful...doing a great job! x

  9. Good God... a woman REALLY did that? Wonder what happened to her afterwards? These things bring out the best in some and the worst in others... love your roundup. I still haven't managed to get up-to-date with all flood images at the blog. You've done well!! And yes, that smoker... very jealous!



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