Monday, 21 January 2013

Amy, Bronze, Buster, Toby, Biddy, Max & Fat Ella

These little bundles of joy will be four weeks old tomorrow.  Born on Christmas Day they really are the gift that keeps on giving.

Three little boys and three little girls.
Better than any Nerf Gun.

Biddy is going to have one blue eye and one brown.
She's one of the keepers.
At this stage anyway.

This is Buster.  He thinks he's a wild animal.

Toby, Bronze and Max.
Bronze will also be staying.

Max is Sarah's favourite.  She's been doing some serious talking with Dad about his future.
I don't like her chances.

Amy was the runt of the litter, though she's not far behind her mates now.

And in other dog news, Wallace and Sally have taken it upon themselves to whip my Rotweiller Ella into shape.  Admittedly the poor old girl's carrying a little excess condition.

Apparently, the hardest part of the trip was pulling her out of a water trough midway.

I know how you feel darlin'.


  1. Those sweet little puppies. I bet they're getting up to plenty of mischief though.

  2. oh, the perfect age to play with, and I'm not afraid to lie on the lawn and have puppies tumble over me of an afternoon. The most perfect de-stresser ever invented.
    (however not keen on seeing any further litters of puppies around here any time soon).

    I know how Ella feels too. I fear I may carry a similar amount of excess condition ;-)

  3. I love the picture of Max in the pram and also the one of Buster in the garden.
    From Jessie

  4. Great puppy pictures!!! They are so so cute. I bet the kids are having fun with them.

  5. They are just soooo unbelievably cute. Our 'puppy' is 3 months old now and HUGE. Still cute though. I may have to disagree about the 'nerf' gun statement as Michael got one for his 5th birthday a couple of weeks ago and still thinks the best thing is to ambush his big sister with it. I think that part of the fun will only fade when Mum finally takes it off him because she can't stand the crying coming from Rachel!

    xx Susan

  6. The miracle of life! Fiona, marvelous photos!! Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings to you and yours,

  7. Well there's the holiday activities taken care of! I'm a total sucker for little puppies too. So cute! They actually look like Whippet puppies (and our Remy when he was a baby) and I'm so glad you can keep a couple :-) Now as for your Rottweiler, just another reminder that I need to get back into shape x



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