Saturday, 26 January 2013

Ask and you shall Receive

Without fanfare, brass bands or marching girls, the rain arrived.

Unheralded.  I woke the child sharing my bed in Dad's absence and whispered, "Listen.  It's here".  31 mm had fallen by morning, the radar showing the huge mass still to our north and slowly but surely coming our way.  Matthew rang hourly for reports, 112 mm clocked by day end.

Uncannily, another 112 overnight.  And another 107 since.  A total of 331 mm, or just over 13 inches.

Absolutely beautiful.  As at last night 15 inches had fallen at Bottle Tree, possibly another couple since.  We look forward to getting up there to see running creeks and bywashing dams.  A bridge washout will have us stay away for at least a few days.

Kids were quick to set out exploring gullies, keen to stretch their legs and investigate waterways.

And just as the rain arrived, so did a new little visitor.

Orphaned at birth, friends brought her over to be raised on one of our over-producing milkers.

Kept warm and dry in the vet shed Miss Daisy Blossom has been the perfect guest.

A more adorable, loving little girl you'd never wish to meet, new sister for Delta Dawn and foster daughter for the beautiful Olivia.

And so as it's rained, bookwork has been completed, the dining table re-finished and the sewing machine pulled out  ... with dressmaking complete, now time for some more name-tagging as we ready ourselves for the new school year.

And of course, as we celebrate the anniversary of the settlement of this great land,

Wallace threw together a most Australian smoko for us ... Happy Australia Day.


  1. Fiona

    Your posts take me away from the every day into the romance of the Australian bush.

    I know that the everyday reality of the Australian bush is hard work, not necessarily romance, but the way you put together your photos/stories makes it the ultimate romance! I am writing from Switzerland where it is -4 degrees outside, and very beautiful, but oh how wonderful to start the day with some Aussie bush on Australia day.

    I love your blog!

    My best wishes for continued joy in the rain!!

    1. The cold chill of a Swiss Winter definitely sounds more romantic to me Ali, though we're certainly seeing far more joy in our days with the very welcome wet finally having arrived. Happy Australia Day to you.

  2. Oh, I forgot how the cold chill could sound romantic. Isn't it funny? - maybe part of the definition of romance is what we don't normally have in our days?! I must go and put some damper on to cook.

  3. Love that photo of Sally and Miss Daisy Blossom!
    Rain has been wonderful and I'm wishing some Sharon's way...

  4. I love your pictures, it lets me see Australia. Glad it rained there. Here in New
    York it snowed a tiny bit 2 inches. Very cold with the wind feels like 6 degrees. Daisy is beautiful.

  5. Oh I love the view down the hill...we grew up looking down the creek to see if it had rained enough overnight to run the creek - the things we got up to that our mother didn't know about (I shudder)

    No rainfall to report at all up here, a few little showers scooting about this arvo so its looking a little better, and having faith and hope that our turn - and the greater part of Qld west of the divide! - is coming soon. We'll enjoy it all the more when the wet does come our way (but just as insurance, can we book some agistment ;-)

  6. I really enjoy reading about your life as it it is so different to mine as a city slicker. You seem never to stop working!
    I'm actually related to the family that "first" explored and "settled" the land around where you farm. But with that heritage I feel it's important to note that Australia was actually explored and inhabited by the Aborigines long before the date celebrated as Australia Day.

  7. It's lovely when rain comes during the night and you wake to it isn't it.
    It's also very restful all mooching about indoors for a change resetting ourselves for school and real life again.
    Your new baby is a sweety!

  8. I often grumble about the rain here on the Pacific NW coast but a peek at your post reminds me what a blessing it can be!
    As always I enjoyed your post Fiona (love the banner!) and as it is a special day (more so thanks to the rain!) I linked your post to mine (hoping it meets with yor blessing).
    All the best Folks,

  9. So glad for your rain and I hope it spreads south to quiet all those dreadful fires too. The new baby is gorgeous... how can a calf be so pretty?

  10. Thinking of you and hoping you are all safe and dry!

  11. We too are glad it finally arrived and having not had to bear the brunt and heartache of the south feeling very grateful for the rain!



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