Sunday, 6 January 2013

Branding ... last Paddock

Though we'd left home with somebody forgetting to pack the two-ways, communication still seemed to flow freely on this most recent sojourn to Bottle Tree.  Setting out in the heat of the day to gather the last paddock to be branded,Wallace and I on one bike, Sarah and Sal on another, and Dad and Jess in the ute, the situation was quickly altered.  Children and ute deposited, Dad and I took a bike each.  Two-ways certainly not necessary for me to understand my husband's distant hand signals.  I could do little but shrug shoulders and raise two hands in the air.  And drive in opposite direction.  Imagination is a wonderful tool.  As is so often the case, I could see myself doing nothing wrong!

Needless to say, cattle were yarded, calves branded and marital harmony has returned.  Nothing but your usual bovine handling experience where married partners are concerned.  We're all about low-stress stock handling here, the cattle always arriving at the yards in a far less stressed state than the handlers.

I often wonder what we're teaching our children.


  1. Understand your thoughts completely Fiona, I often think the same thing in our family!!

  2. I always wonder what sort of harm I'm doing my children. If only we could all be perfect parents. Sounds like you're fairly normal. It would be stressful yarding and branding cattle in the heat and without adequate communication.

  3. I think you are teaching your kids that despite the dubious hand signals and somewhat stressed moments when things are not going quite according to plan (exciting times when you are a kid mind you, you WISH for frisky cows wanting to kick up their heels!) everything turns out OK. Even if a few filthy looks and questioning of mental state are exchanged in the mean time ;-) Builds them tolerance and understanding of how to handle and get resolution during times of "conflict".

    Ahh, glad to hear that its not Barbie and Ken down there as well (what we call friends of ours that manage to work without cross words or raised voices! amazing!!)...mind you around here, raised voices often mean that Husbands are a bit more than half deaf and raised voices are required sometimes even to say SMOKO IS READY.

  4. You are such a classic, Fiona. Your dry sense of humour has me giggling. As always. J x

  5. I would think that you are teaching your children that hard work and devotion pays off.
    I don't think you can do any better than that.
    I hope you are not sweltering too much? Brisbane so far has been spared, maybe those "Mayans" put a cool fence around us? Anyhow seems that the fence will disappear on Wednesday!!!

  6. I thought I was the only one that could understand mens/husbands hand signals...I call it "mens speak"! Had a giggle at this, you capture the moment so perfectly Fiona. Resilience is the thing your kids learn out of this....intrinsic resilience!



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