Sunday, 6 January 2013

Mango Mambo

If asked to define the 'taste' of Summer in these parts I think I'd have to choose mango. 

It seems a shame though that we have to wait all year for the small window of opportunity that allows us to enjoy their luscious deliciousness.  And then two weeks in, we're all but mangoed out.  Bacon and eggs for breakfast, who'd like some mango with that?  Pikelets for smoko, how about some sliced mango on top?  Corned Beef for tea, would you like chopped mango on the side?

Matthew and Jess arrived home from a day trip to Bottle Tree midweek, proud of their harvest of the small mango tree that grows near a tank overflow up there.  Another three bags of ripe mangoes.  

So this morning while the big fella raked hay, 

I set about using up a few of the pesky Bowen Specials.  From one of Julie Goodwin's recipes, a combination of 

chopped mango, capsicum, onion, ginger, garlic and chilli,

with some pineapple juice, white wine vinegar, curry powder and raisins for good measure.

And there you have it,

Mango Chutney.

And not until now did I realise my fancy-schmancy labels are one year out.  Needless to say I'll still be writing 2012 in the cheque-book until somewhere around May.  


  1. mum makes mango chutney from my grandmothers recipe, but uses green, not quite ripe ones...does this use ripe mangoes if so please share the recipe as we have been so over mangoed that the steers across the way have been getting the over soft over ripe ones...mind you this year they took so long to ripen and then BAM they have been going soft over night. We have two big bowen's and would get many many many kgs from the tree (along with the birds of course)

    1. Yes, ripe mangoes. Will email the recipe.

  2. i made some mango 'weiss bars' last year. Lovely, just a pity I'm not in mango country and had to buy all of mine.

  3. OOOh yum!! Gosh I love mangoes, good thing too considering we are about to pack up and move to a station with a mango plantation!
    We love following your familys blog, your stories and pictures have really helped Hubby and I make the decision to return to the good life. Many thanks for your inspiration!

  4. Yum - if I was to buy mangoes in NZ I would be paying between $6-7 each. You are so lucky.



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