Monday, 14 January 2013

Morning Rituals

Before the sun casts its first rays through our bedroom window, these young heifers, last year's weaners, are up at the front fence.  Only given access to this paddock in the past week, they think they're rather special being able to come so close to the house.

And at the first sight of human movement, they start their morning conversation, a series of low, plaintive bellows, letting us know it's dry.  That they aren't feeling satisfied by their diet of dry lick and even drier, browner grass.

What they don't realise is that we're already fully aware of the climatic situation. 

For as they're peering in, we're sitting at our laptops, sipping the morning's first coffee and peering at the ten-day forecast.  

They have their morning ritual, we have ours.


  1. We have an evening ritual to Fiona! Look at the radar before going to bed...some hope from the west tonight;)

  2. Fingers crossed for them and you for some decent rain.

  3. No rain in Brisbane yet either, but at least the temp. has dropped considerably. Hope that their are no bush fires in your area?
    Terrible down south, lightning strikes starting fires are one thing that we have no control over, arsonists and stupid uncontrollable fire bug kids are the pits of mankind as far as I am concerned. Thankfully they are being caught, lets hope the courts come down severely on them.
    I know what I would do, but I am too polite to put it on your blog.
    Cheers - hope the rain gods come to the rescue and quick smart at that.

  4. well haven't you been the prolific blogger the past couple of days!

    as soon as there is movement around here there are poddies brah-ing and dogs barking to be let off...but they wait, nothing happens without caffeine first!

    Myself, I find the forcast - usually - depressing. Todays was looking a little more exciting!

  5. They are lovely pictures. My, so pleasant with colors. I enjoy your blog. I grew up on a farm in America and have been living outside the U. S. for several years. I always find your blog refreshing and real. My sister lives on a ranch, so I like to think that your blog reminds me of her a bit.

    When we were living in Indonesia, our daughter attended an Australian school, so I enjoy your blogs also about your children's school, as I can relate to many of the events etc.

    Have a nice day.




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