Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Verandah with a View

After what was a rather hectic town-day yesterday involving the procurement of protractors, coloured pencils, new school shoes times three, a laptop bag for a high school student, another electric sander for Mum,a lunch-date with Nanny and a visit to the accountant, it was nice to be home to enjoy the view of the sun setting from the verandah.  We even enjoyed dinner out there, something we don't do often enough.

With less than a week left of our Summer holidays, we're savouring every moment.


  1. Looks so beautiful Fiona, the sun sun setting & your daughters. Wow, what a shame I already have two mad border collies myself, otherwise one them there puppies of yours would have my name on it plastered across an air crate. Ha. Enjoy the last of the Summer holidays. We have about 12 days left. x

  2. look at that light, I noticed it too yesterday evening, we were inside early for once (home and away being an incentive for all, not ashamed to admit!)

    think Sal and Georgie have the same dress, if not nearly the same. I have a suspicion that those two would be kindred souls if they ever got together.

    we don't eat outside much either. Possibly something to do with the big evap aircon (not meaning to rub it in...much!)and my loathing of the necessary but hated yellow outside light.

    I should round up all of those jam/tomato paste/pickles jars, get tie wire and pliers and make some of those tea light lantern things for downstairs. Suspend on long wire from rafters and then no need for orange fluro light. Husband would have something to raise eyebrows about, and spiders would clap their hands in glee. I'll get right onto it (snort)

  3. ps first day of school = big girls 10th birthday. We are SO going to be running on time that day.

    1. Wallace's best mate's birthday is the very same day! Also 10.

  4. Those pictures of your model youngest made me smile but that poignant photo of your oldest made me realise just how special our kids really are and I'm grateful mine aren't off to boarding school. How I feel for you in that particular circumstance which is something I know my often absent husband would never fully understand.

    xx Susan

  5. Those pictures of yours are all cute. What a perfect scenic.



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