Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Walking's for Girls

While I like to kid myself that I've kept up the running over the Christmas period, the truth of the matter is that there have been many weeks that I've only run once.  And usually then only on a Monday when my resolve is generally at its peak.  Combined with a healthy appetite for all things Christmas, I'm seeing the error of my ways in the inability of waistband buttons to meet button-holes.

So it seemed fitting that this book appeared in the mail in recent days and is giving me a much needed kick up the elasticated-waisted-stretchy pants.

The children were suitably horrified by the title.  Even moreso when I told them their father had bought it for me!


Not for the sensitive, it says things like this:

Though I like the sound of this one.

If like me you're feeling a little fuller around the midriff than in November, you know full well your jeans haven't been in the drier, or if your mother-in-law arrived to visit last night with a box of Lindt balls tucked under her arm, then this could be just the motivation you're looking for.

Run people, don't walk.


  1. I'd love to read this book, and if a Husband is going to buy his wife an exercise/weight loss book then this is probably the only one I'd happily accept. Hilarious! I'm still a while off any running for fear my body would break after a year of no exercise but I can't wait to feel fit again and shed all these extra kilos.........waiting for the kids to go back to school. Excuses. Excuses. Better get this book. Good luck with the running again. Mel x

  2. Your blog is always inspiring, thanks for the kick up the butt on the running front!
    Did have a revelation today as I did my 5k....I was wondering why it wasn't getting easier and then I realised that it was never meant to be like a walk in the park...

  3. give me a cranky cow then I'll scamper with the best of you...I'm afraid this body was not ever built for speed, but just like you I've been "wondering" why my pants were a tad too tight and will be henceforth be walking (one thing I can do is walk, and walk fast) in the mornings. But as its raining - well drizzling? right now, it might have to wait another day if its still (please!!) raining come morning.

    snicker ;-)

  4. Please don't ever log out or shut down :)
    Hope you're getting some rain.

  5. Sigh... I'm not bothered to run but I'd love to get a good long walk in, so many things conspiring against at present.

  6. Hi Fiona, love your blog - we lead very similar lives. I would love to start my own blog for family and friends - can you tell me which program you use to upload for your beautiful photos and whether you are happy with it and its security. Nat

    1. Hi Natalie, I'm probably not qualified to give the best advice regarding photo sharing, uploading etc, but I can tell you what I do and what has served me well. Using blogger, I simply upload my photos straight from my computer via the insert image command. I understand that the photos are then stored in Google's Picasa web album to which you are allocated a certain amount of free space when you create your blog. I have had to purchase additional space, I think at a cost of about $5/year. I know many use Flickr or Photobucket, but I've found what I'm doing works fine for me. Please don't hesitate to email me if I can answer any other questions. I'll look forward to seeing your blog when you're up and running.

  7. Great book title. I am no super model but about once every six months or so I will have some comment about how lucky I am to be thin. Or they ask, how do you stay slender? Well I don't eat what I want to eat (all the time) and I work out 3-5 times a week. We all have our size. And when I start to creep out of mine, it is either suck it up and stop eating OR buy one size bigger clothes. These are the choices.

  8. I've never heard of that book before but it sounds like a good one. Running and healthy eating are the keys to being fit I think. Can't wait to hear how you're running is going!

  9. Sounds like the inspiration I need, is there a chapter about sore necks and backs in really questioning what it is I am doing...must find this book!



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