Monday, 18 February 2013

A Visitation

We've had a special visitor these past few days.  A beautiful young lady who has fit so easily into our family life, here as part of her Uni course 'farm placement'.  

A third year Veterinary Science student at Townsville's James Cook University, Kathryn is not only intelligent and willing to lay her hand to anything, but also warm, friendly, funny, hard-working and receptive to small children clambering for attention.

I want to keep her.

We've round-upped, mowed, fenced, worked cattle, needled puppies, flushed heifers and travelled to Bottle Tree in her first five days, though the rain is about to halt proceedings with the next couple of days planned cattle work having to be postponed due to inclement weather.

Tomorrow we'll head to town with our non-freezing freezer, the contents of which including one bullock and three pigs having been transferred to a cooler environment.  If a new freezer is required, this will be my third in two years.  They don't make them like they used to.

The trip to town will allow Kathryn and I the opportunity to duck out to a bull sale which starts tomorrow for a quick squiz.

With weather supposedly clearing by Wednesday, we'll hopefully head back to Bottle Tree then for some preg-testing and fly treatment.

Meanwhile, these puppies are growing like weeds and proving to be super time-wasters.  I want to keep all of them too.


  1. gosh, can you send a kathryn our way. Not sure on the veternary skills she'll gain, but for sure we can find some cows to look and poke at ;-)

    and that blue eyed puppie...awww. Although they do look to be getting at the sharp toothed stage. They look big enough to be shipped out...are the troops rebelling?! (or am I a meany? 6 weeks and on weetbix, off they go, bye bye puppy in these parts!)

  2. We had a similar experience with our Vet Student...know what you mean about wanting to keep them!!

  3. Certainly plenty of rain this February. Februaries of old seem to have disappeared for the last couple of years. Pouring rain here in Brisbane, wish it would go south where it is badly needed with all those bush fires still blazing. Terrible situation.
    Should mean plenty of grass for the winter months.
    Those pups are sure growing fast.

  4. The puppies are gorgeous. Nice for you to have some help for the week, I am sure she learnt a lot.

  5. Wow those blue eyes. Yes puppies are great time wasters and so cute to boot. Sounds like a busy time. Hopefully that freezer gets fixed.

  6. The kids would have loved the new guest.
    Wow the puppies sure are getting big.

  7. Those puppies are so darn cute - I'd never get anything done with them around. Hope the vet student learnt heaps and that it wasn't too hard for you saying goodbye.

  8. Oh yes ship the pups out! I agree- have you got buyers for them all? I fully understand the time wasting of a load of pups.



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