Sunday, 24 February 2013


After a tearful farewell Saturday morning to our visiting vet student Kathryn, we headed to the hills of Bottle Tree.  With cows to be trucked early Sunday morning, we spent much of the time surveying the sky.

The flu has been making its way through the ranks,

making it difficult to muster enthusiasm from certain individuals.

Kathryn's influence over the past ten days means we now have three young girls all keen to pursue a career in Veterinary Science.

A dream of Jessie's since four years of age,

Sarah, more recently so inclined.

Sal's interest has been fostered for some time.  Though no cats allowed.  Do you think JCU might offer sibling discount?

The boy's keen on a building future,

this week at least.  Last week it was a  private detective in the vein of Sherlock Holmes, the week before, an Indiana Jones type archaeologist.  I say, keeping your options open at ten years of age is sage advice.

The yards at Chabo showing no cattle have worked through them since the rain.

We remedied that, drafting bulls and trucking several home to meet with heifers in which we implanted embryos last weekend.  Those that won't accept the embryo transfer pregnancy will hopefully, in the small window of breeding season we have left, become pregnant to the bulls, providing us with end of year calves.

Kids busied themselves

with kid-stuff.

I enjoyed photographing some greenery,

the resulting general agreement, 

everything at Bottle Tree is buffeltastic.


  1. Sal's got some new strides, gosh she's grown in the past few months.

    I'll send some poddies to trim down your yards, they are keeping my lawn pretty neat, which is good considering the wretched lawn mower requires a mechanic and much bad language to start.

    Some rain in these parts, little showers blowing through, that is until yesterday arvo when we got a bit over an inch in a very heavy, noisy storm which resulted in the neighbour (300m away) having their two way aerial blasted into many small bits. Consulting our water monitoring technology this morning has revealed (hopefully accurately) that 65mm fell at the prickle farm overnight as well. Some more relaxed shoulders around today, but of course, we are not out of the woods yet.

  2. Fiona, I always marvel at those kiddies great smiles! Life is good is it not? Thank you as always for sharing a bit of Down Under!

  3. It all looks so lush and green. That must make you feel happy and reminds me not to take our green fields for granted.

  4. Gorgeous photos as usual! I can't help but wish for summertime after seeing these.

  5. So green and lush.
    Beautiful photos.

  6. Lovely as always Fiona. Your Kids always look fantastic, I really love their tops. And I still can't believe how green it is there, we're still brown and dry as anything. Mel x

  7. Sure looks lovely and luch for the winter months. Still pouring here in Brisbane, it is now no longer welcome. Still it was an unusually mild and not "sauna" like February.
    However, we just grin and bear it, eh? No bloody control over the weather.



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