Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Little to Report

The weather's certainly been a little contrary of late.  We've experienced none of the 'big' rain reported to our south with only 45 mm measured over the past five days, though days of drizzle have everything so very wet.  The heaviest rain we've encountered fell in the thirty minute period this afternoon that Wallace and I chose to go out on the bike to check heifers.  'Twas a quick trip home.

We spied this little visitor

hanging out in the Pierre de Ronsard, not the most comfortable residence for sure.  There've been a lot of snakes this Summer, though these little tree snakes don't bother us too much.

There's been a little baking,

yet another 'best ever' choc chip biscuit recipe.

And quite possibly lived up to its claim.

I think my dear old Ella's tired of competing with wretched puppies for attention.  She took it upon herself to pull one of my ferns out last night.

  It certainly turned the attention back to her in quite a hurry.  Though it's hard not to forgive that face.


  1. ah, your old Ella reminds me of my dear old Butch, who quite possibly was the same breed, he was a stray that claimed me. Sadly he was a pain in the bum in town (in hindsight, the chop might have fixed his ways) and went on to live his days out scaring the pants off visitors at my aunts cane farm (and he meant it too!)

    No more rain to report in the north, but looking more positive now than it ever has, and all the signs are indicating I should get in some bread and milk. Mock orange loaded with flowers, ants going birko and cattle being trucked. The big trifecta.

    that is a lot of ingredients in one biscuit batch. I must share my own Best Ever that someone shared with me, I reckon it might be better than your best ever. I might make a batch Friday, tomorrow I am off mustering. On the downs, its going to be hot. I'm excited.

  2. Bless old Ella. Puppies will cause even the most placid of us to pull out ferns! Saw that little puppy face in your header, and I immediately thought of puppy breath! Apart from new born babies, there's not a more beautiful smell than puppy breath! (Seriously).

    Snakes. Blah.

  3. Poor Ella, she's feeling left out. I hate snakes so I would have had to kill that little thing.

  4. My adult dogs aren't doing weird stuff, but I wake each morning to some ridiculous antic that the German Shep pup has got up to- yesterday it was an upturned potplant as well. the Cairn puppies (3 remaining) are crated and well contained so don't cause any grief while we aren't looking. I may have to swap things about and crate train the shep pup! Probably not a bad Idea s there will be times when she will need to be locked up in there anyway.

  5. Right it's choc chip biscuits for todays baking in the rain! I have missed baking so much. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. I definitely wouldn't be able to discipline Ella with those big brown eyes!



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