Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ploughing and Marble Cakes and Old Window Frames

The recent beautiful rain event has created a new series of work opportunities, all far easier when surrounded by green grass, even with mosquitoes on board.  Ploughing has been at the top of the list, a more dull exercise never experienced.  Whilst poets of old may have waxed lyrical about tailing the mob, the sunlit plains extended or the beauty of the campfire burning, there's never been much written about ploughing.  I understand why.  Furrow-following just isn't terribly exciting.

And though we've moved on a little from the scene above, we haven't progressed too far with our farming plant here at Rock Wallaby.  Effective, but slow.

What is exciting however is the twelfth birthday today of the second daughter.

Jess was up early to needle heifers, racing cattle through the crush and prodding Mum and Dad in an effort to return to the house for gifts.

Today was also the day she and the other senior students of the school made their speeches to the broader school community in an attempt to win votes for leadership positions.  All will be revealed at parade on Monday.

An executive decision to hold over full-blown celebrations until Saturday when both Sarah and Dad can join in meant a fairly uninspiring marble cake sufficed for afternoon smoko.

A tasty lunchbox stuffer none-the-less.

I finally found a use for one of three old casement window frames lying around the shed.  Hidden every time a shed clean-out occurs, knowing they'd be just perfect for 'something' "one day", the day finally arrived.

Just loving this photo taken over Christmas of Sal heading for the beach, peacock feather in hand, it all came together after a trip to town to collect the enlarged image.

Hung in the freshly painted lounge room, I'm spending far too much time standing in front of it in awe.  I think the kids fear they may have finally pushed Mum that one step too far.

Is it just me or does anybody else find naming the blog post the hardest part of this whole blogging experience?


  1. Happy Birthday Jessie chimes Adelaide when I showed her this post!
    Fiona, I think it is a mother's privilege to be in awe of our children. Wonderful critters they are....

  2. Happy birthday Jessie. Oh my goodness I love that window frame photo far too much to be healthy. It looks amazing. Perfection.
    Its my big day tomoz, I plan on hot cuppa's in silence after the kiddos are at school & thai takeaway for dinner. Bliss.

  3. That cake looks fine. I miss baking. Our kids must all be in age sync. We had a twelve last month too and I know you have year a year 9er as well.
    I like the post naming bit. It's the cherry on the cake. It's writing the post that's getting tricky lately!

  4. Love that frame... awesome!!
    Now I am hungry too.

  5. well arent you just so darned clever with that window! I've only got as far as getting them out of the shed. ("don't you have more important things to do?" hmph.) I've said it before, I'm great on the ideas, not so much on the action!

    You need an ipod and an audio book for the ploughing of the paddock. I've found the most mind numbing of tasks are better with something else to think about...mind you I have mentally written some BRILLIANT blog posts at the back end of an excruitiatingly slow mob of cows before...and promptly forgotten every lyrical and witty word as soon as I get near a pen or computer.

    More loungeroom pictures required please, so we may bask in the glory of your pretty walls and industriousness.

    And to end this novella style comment: happy birthday Jessie! hope the cake this weekend is a MASTERPEICE of culinary proportions!

  6. ps your blog titles are always awesome. I always feel inferior and illiterate when it comes to titles, especially with your high standards to try and emmulate.

    Look at all of my big words. Obvious I need sleep as I can hardly understand a word I've written! ;-)

  7. A very happy birthday to your daughter ~and cute cake looks just like a scrumptious donut!! great idea with the window frame as well super cute ~Love Heather

  8. Fiona, Your post makes me want to bake a marble cake. keep up your great posts, thoroughly enjoy them!!

  9. Love the window redo. It's as if you're looking out the window to sea views.
    Yes and post naming is the hard bit- trying to think of something witty but that doesnt frighten away any potential readers.

  10. I love the photo frame...the photo is so natural! A beautiful addition to your lounge room! How is the painting going?

  11. Gorgeous picture and frame Fiona! I can't stop staring at that pic either, it's so carefree.
    The cake looks fab too. I bet she had a wonderful day.

  12. The picture and frame is so beautiful! I'm sure that's one you all will cherish for years to come. Happy Belated Birthday to Jess!



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