Monday, 11 February 2013

What's Been Happening?

There's been a second dodgy birthday cake,

with Jess walking around all day stating to anybody who would listen that it was her birthday again, just three days after the original.

Cakes were baked in between runs to the yards to observe super-ovulated, cycling heifers 

and subsequent artificial insemination.

There's been a sofa to re-cover,

a task I wouldn't highly recommend,

unless you particularly dislike yourself.

With Sarah home after her first fortnight of school, kids headed to the dam, lick tubs replaced by far fancier boating equipment, products of an abundant Christmas.

Smiles unfortunately short-lived as the rubber boat didn't make it past the first barbed wire fence.

And finally, with many roads in our area having been cut due to the recent flooding, I made it to Bottle Tree today for the first time since the rain, Matthew having weaved his way through last week.

(Cover your eyes Sharon).

Calves enjoying the benefits of Mum's increased grass intake.  Buffalo flies have moved in thick and fast, we'll head back in a few days to start treating them.

And Sharon, rest assured, my weatherman tells me your turn is coming.


  1. So Green!!! That's unbelievable. And you've done it again with the cake - looks amazing! You completely put me to shame :-D Happy Birthday to your beautiful 12 year old. Mel x

  2. You can never have too many birthdays when your twelve! Mine scored two cakes ion the same day this year!
    Lovely to see all that lushness your way too.

  3. So green!

    Your blog encourages me. It is full of "real"; I know you all work so hard out there, but you convey to us the beautiful side of the hard work, the joyful side, the loving side. It is a balm for a lonely city-weary heart.

    Thank you!
    Ali in Geneva

  4. Great pics as usual; love the purple cake and all the green grass. Shame about the barbed wire fence! Mare

  5. Such a pretty green backdrop to your photos. The type of backdrop every farmer wants. There'll be some jealous onlookers.
    A purple layer cake this time, looks great.

  6. I think you are very brave to recover a couch.

    Gorgeous cake and glad you have so much green feed.

  7. all I can say is you better have a solid breakfast under your belt come branding time. And a spare set of strides for the person working at the back end ;-)

    Thank you for your concerns...the kids, poddies and I will be down for a holiday to remind ourselves what green look like..well my lawn is green, from the gallons of water applied, like someone said before in the middle of a raging drought (we are far from raging just yet) they would do anything to keep the garden green and alive as it makes things feel just a bit better, having that calm green oasis.

    that couch cover seems like a rather bigger endevour that I had pictured, but it looks pretty good, did you finish or throw it into a corner followed shortly thereafter by yourself, rocking and mumbling unintelligably?!!

  8. ps if that cake is dodgy than mine are only fit for the dogs! and did patching kit come with rubber boat, perhaps next time they will lift WELL clear of the fence! (another life learning experience!)

  9. I'm convinced you fit more into one week than most of us manage in six months! I love, love, love the multi-mauve pretty and full of loveliness. Your blog is the best Fiona - I doubt there are any other blogs that can claim to combine re-upholstering, baking and heifers ready for artificial insemination. God bless your cotton socks. Meredy xo

  10. I had to sigh about the barbed wire. Poor kids - who are making wonderful memories even when that happens!

  11. You do certainly pack a lot into a week I have been stalking for your next post only to be overjoyed today in seeing a new one. Bottle tree is looking amazing and the kids are very proud of their new marine equipment...
    Happy Birthday to Jess and how did the couch go?

  12. The calves look like they are doing well. Did you survive the couch recovering?



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