Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Weekend Wrap

With oldest daughter hitting the books this past Saturday morning, Jess hit the mower

while the younger two offsided at the yards

as we preg-tested the heifers we implanted embryos in some five weeks back.

Whilst results weren't stellar, they were average.  It must be remembered that super-ovulating a donor, fertilising her many eggs, extracting them and then placing them in other heifers is a far from natural process.  So we shall be content with our fifty percent result this round.

With heifers back to paddock, we set about dropping these bundles of joy along the boundary line.

A ton of weekend fun there to be sure.

The fenceline in some of the rougher country on Rock Wallaby quickly christened by Wallace the Kokoda Fence.

Fairly plain to see why steel pickets were opted for, rather than trying to dig post holes in the rocky terrain.

With one wire run, it was then a case of standing the steelies against the line, no need for sighting, a task I don't particularly enjoy.

With a generator on board, the electric driver made fairly quick work of the job.

By comparison to them being hand driven at least.  Though the generator didn't like the ups and downs of the landscape and stopped at the mere hint of an incline or decline.  A little inconvenient in what is definitely not a flat paddock.

Smoko was possibly the highlight of the day, 

though we were surprised to find that phone coverage existed out yonder.

With the cattle market taking a little downward turn, people are eager to talk business.  Rain in the north and west much needed to alleviate the flood of cattle currently hitting the market.

As shadows grew longer, wire became sharper, steelies heavier and a mother more relieved to see the end in sight.  Bring on Easter, cow work is so much more fun.


  1. Just fascinating, Fiona. I've learnt something tonight! J x

  2. husband threatened here that it may be a family outing to finish the 5km of boundary fencing required to secure grass for the rest of the year...but as neighbouring contractor has been booked, I suspect he'll be wanting the work far more than Husband will be wanting that particular family bonding session (more poly pipe to lay, so don't be fretting we won't be getting good old fashioned quality time together). Speaking of cattle prices (great if you're a buyer I guess, and have somewhere to put them) heard good quality Brahman heifers sold today for $180 a head. Poor buggers. Discussion about how quickly things have fallen in a heap at the dinner table tonight, very distressing not just from a business perspective. I told Trevor to respect my gut feeling, and its not good (but will be happy to be proven wrong with a case of indigestion.)

  3. ps was terribly concered for you when I first saw the steelies lined up, wondering just HOW you could drive them by hand on that rocky ridge! But relieved to see the Big Fella was there, and of course someone had to drive the ute (and keep that generator on even keel!)and of course take photos.

    I'm quite a fan of smoko too ;-)

  4. Envious of all the fence building!! Patiently waiting for all the snow to melt, so we can start all of our spring/summer projects!! Can I hire your kids?!

  5. Fiona, do I detect Hot Cross Buns in the kiddies' hands?
    And by the by, the electric driver reminded us of all the hours we spent driving posts down in soil surely made of concrete! Phew and what a blessing we had only 5 acres!
    All the best to you and yours Fiona! Happy Easter!

  6. Smiled at Matthew on the phone.....thought it might have been Eliza on the other end querying the cattle market!
    Smoko is the highlight of week-end work here as well. Tess has informed me that they don't do 'smoko' in America....

  7. A busy day for the family. One job that you can tick off the list now.

  8. I really enjoyed reading this, great photos.

    Would you mind if I reblogged this to linking it back to your website?

  9. That looks like a job you could have used some experienced hands on, don't be afraid to
    ask. Should have seen me flinging hay bales around yesterday.Seems that there is plenty of life in the old boy yet.

  10. I like the idea of no sighting...not so much the idea of fencing on the weekends but alas we do what we have to! If only it would rain for some!



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