Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hay, Hay It's Saturday

A Friday morning spent doing this:

means a Friday afternoon spent watching these:

Thankfully no rain resulted and plans to bale Friday night went ahead.  A baler breakdown during the evening did elevate blood pressure and meant an earlier halt to proceedings than would have been liked.  The light of day Saturday morning saw repairs actioned and all systems go.

The sight of so many bales almost too much to bear for some.

Though the early morning sausage on bread for breakfast must have kicked in, and he was soon displaying far more energy than sense.

With the full team in action we were soon in the rhythm of stacking, hauling, unloading and re-stacking until the hay shed's now looking decidedly satisfied.

Kids took turns stacking and driving,

some jerky starts and less than smooth stops giving those on the back reason to question the capability of the driver.

Sal had a full time job keeping the water bottle topped up between loads.

And come the end of the day we were all mightily pleased to see this sight:

One hay paddock less six hundred square bales.


  1. That's a great family effort! Bet you all slept well that night!

  2. Great job everyone! Glad the sky was just teasing you!

  3. I feel Wallace's pain. The sight of 600 bales would have made me feel faint too. One thing though, the improvment, or lack thereof, of driving skills will have improved onces agility and balance in leaps and bounds.

    you always manage to summarise the high blood pressure events so well :)

  4. Oh I can hardly wait for summer!! I miss haying season! I am totally done with winter!



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