Friday, 15 March 2013

Operation Porky Pig

With two sows now with babies, the porcine department capably led by Sally thought it time for a pig re-location.

With Socks having been sharing a paddock with Boots the boar, we decided to house both the mama pigs together, mainly so they can be fed separately to the greedy dad.

Mama pigs need plenty of sustenance to feed the multitudes.

And so with kids juggling squealing piglets and buckets of tempting feed, Socks was moved with a minimum of fuss to her new home in an adjacent paddock.

Truth be told, pigs can be moved with a minimum of fuss most anywhere as long as a bucket of feed is in front of them.

1 comment:

  1. yup, I've walked our pig with a dish of dog bikkies in hand as incentive, and after the first couple of times, she came at a whistle like the dogs. Highly entertaining. But also frustrating, if you don't happen to have feed at hand! (surprising how fast a big fat pig can run!!)



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