Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Latest Rainy Day Project

There've been more rainy days over the past month than sunny ones.  Though when Sally walked into the office sleepy-eyed this morning and declared she hated rain we immediately washed her mouth out with soap.  We, whose daily lives are so intertwined with the weather shall never complain about rain.  Rainy, cool days have been just perfect for growing grass, lucerne and fat weaner calves and also good for catching up on bookwork, baking, sewing cushions and  ...

even a little furniture painting.  This latest project involved this orange pine sideboard,

functional, but not overly pretty.

Rather than sanding, I took the easy option and used paint stripper to remove the varnish from those two sections which I stained.  A light sanding then some walnut stain and finished with a layer of wax.

Following the lazy person's guide to painting which involves not having to sand or prime, meant mixing up some DIY 'Chalk Paint', a combination of paint, plaster of paris and water,

approximately 1 cup of paint added to a slurry of 1 tblsp plaster of paris mixed with 2 tblsp water.

This paint mix will adhere to anything without priming or sanding.  The rougher finish does require a light sanding, but lends itself perfectly to distressing.

A technique I'm not yet at all comfortable with, cover something with paint then sand it off, makes no sense at all.  Those yellow walls in the background will hopefully be gone by the end of the week.  Wall washing tomorrow, the rain bringing with it an abundance of mildew, followed by two coats of Taubmans Martini.  So as much as a break in the rain would be welcomed, the opportunity to tick some indoor jobs off the list is very pleasing.


  1. What a fabulous job you have done here ... the sideboard is so beautiful!!! :)

  2. Thank you,thank you, thank you. I will never say no to rain and get very dismayed when people complain about it. Some people have such short memories. It wasn't that long ago we were in drought!! Your sideboard is gorgeous. You're very talented. Bonita

  3. You wouldnt think it was the same sideboard. loks nice and fresh now.
    Looking forward to seeing your new March header.

  4. Like minded thoughts on the rain here too....I lectured a couple of kids on the virtues of the wet weather this morning as well!! Was great weather to finish reading a book at lunch without feeling too guilty....

  5. Looks brilliant Fiona. I'm loving all your creative endeavours of late. I always forget to take 'before' photos. Looking forward to seeing it with the new wall colour too :-) Mel x.

  6. I have some of that furniture you have made it look lovely. Might have to try something myself!

  7. Looks good. I'd never heard of mixing plaster of paris with paint but will have to try it. We have a beautiful spring day here - blue sky and enough sunshine that we've been working outside without a coat.

  8. What a transformation. I'm not a fan of the orange pine look I must confess; your paint job looks so sophisticated. I never heard of the technique but it looks good. Rain is not so pleasant as sun but yes, we need it.

  9. I painted my 'honey' pine table as well- stripped and redid the top and just painted everything else white. when I tried the walnut watered down a bit it looked purple, so I swapped it out for japan black, which didn't come out the greyish colour I wanted either. I may have to redo my tabletop as I only got one coat of tung oil on it and then we had to put it into use- then hubby scratched it badly- even so I am absolutely thrilled that my familt room is lightening up- all the old dark heavy antiques can reside in the formal parts of the house, but out here I want it glowing white!!! I only said the other day that we cattle farmers just looooove a flood- even crop armers don't mind them if its not right on harvest!!!!!. The townies present hailed me down!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. oh man, how AWESOME does that sideboard look! and loving those turquoise plates sick too, they match the cushions perfectly.

    You've really been getting through those inside jobs!!

    That chalk it undercoat or all in one, slap it on and done. And do only apply the one coat? curious minds need to know....

  11. ps hope Sal learned the error of her ways, but she's only a young un. My kids love the mud (my washing machine so much) so I can't remember them ever complaining about rain. Maybe once when they were very small and it was the middle of winter and absolutely freezing. Those days seem very distant.

  12. As much as I love pine (before it goes orange) I absolutely love the new look.

    I would love some rain too, it all seems to go north of of us.

  13. Great job Fiona - a 100% improvement on the old one!

  14. I can't wait to see what colour Martini is. x



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