Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Mid-Week Report

We've thumbed our collective noses at talk of tropical lows becoming cyclones and then rain depressions by going ahead with plans to cut hay.

The windows of opportunity have been closing quicker than they open this late Summer season.  Square bales of grassy lucerne will hopefully be shedded Friday night.  Fingers are crossed.

Having fought the fight for nine years now, 

to have children change out of school uniforms and into yard clothes upon arriving home from school,

I'm hanging up the gloves.

Pick your battles people.

This rogue tomato bush came up in one of the potted agapanthus on the front steps.

Despite children wishing to pull it out for weeks now, I'm determined it will bear fruit.  It may be the only home-grown produce I enjoy for some time, with the vege gardens looking decidedly overgrown and neglected.

This little tyke turned up in the No. 1 heifers, his very productive mama obviously going in calf as a yearling with a mystery suitor.  He's won himself and his mum a trip to the buffel.

We couldn't pass up a magazine at our local shop with this slice on the front cover.

Oi, oi, oi.

Like salt and vinegar, fish and chips, bacon and eggs and any other timeless combination, it would seem that chocolate, marshmallow and jelly are just meant to be together.  Delicious. Will share recipe next time.

And in the latest news, we have piglets, 

seven born to Mama Pig yesterday, and six to Socks today.

Yes, that would be Socks who was meant to be trucked to her new home whilst pregnant.

We're off to town tomorrow for Jessie's boarding school interview.

Someone pass me a stiff drink.  I'm not ready to go through this again.


  1. Starting to get the letters re decisions for Farmboy and Boarding School. Don't need to do anything for a year or so but still makes me a bit teary....

    Piglets are cute. Laughed about Socks' premature delivery. At least it didn't happen in transit.


  2. Look at that slice. it's like a work of art.
    Ohh piglets. those cute little pink trotters and curley tails.

  3. Oh I made that slice too!!! Love that mag. Trust me when I say the slice WILL NOT last long. Like 2 days. If you're lucky.......

  4. Piglets are so cute!!!

    I never started the 'yard clothes' debate. It's school unis all the way at my place. Less washing... x

  5. Wow that slice looks yum. I swear we sent out mum mad putting holes in our school pants when climbing trees after we got home from school so obviously that was a battle she never started. Those piglets are so cute and wow the pups are growing like weeds. I hope you get to enjoy that tomato.

  6. I love the pictures, you have a way at capturing your life so wonderfully, Fiona. And that slice. Man, you got share. Enjoy your stiff drink before your coming interview might make it easier to bare. I feel for you. But your kids are so lucky to have such a wonderful life on the land & a good education. It's all good. Love to you, Niki

  7. 1. school uniforms: after grease debacle and hitting the roof, they now get changed. Well the boy takes some chasing, but clothes are so unimportant to him. I'd think he'd wander around naked if he were allowed to.
    2.could just about eat that lucerne myself. And the slice. I'll be down for smoko in a jiffy.
    3. I've been told that my choosen school will be closing application for year seven entry (2015) in EARLY 2014 (but no rush of course). That means we have to do interviews and choose THIS YEAR. I can no longer put my head in the sand. I'll join you for that stiff drink, bugger the coffee.

  8. ps I think my kids would love to move to your house just for the piglet situation alone. There is nothing more entertaining than little piggies.

  9. Your slice making has me determined to make and cut mine with as much looks delicious! How did the school interview go? As for Socks, moving her will be interesting now!



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