Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Trying Times

Hitting the 'go' button on my laptop in the wee hours of this morning in an attempt to knock over some of Grandad's accounts before the arousal of the troops, I was dismayed to find a large cracked colourful disaster across my screen.   Plan B resulted in a trip to town to Computer Man, who tsk tsked and diagnosed a classic case of dropped laptop syndrome.  Who was I to disagree?

With a new screen ordered I returned home to activate an old monitor and we are again all systems go.

Unfortunately the sighting of a snake in the office has added an exciting edge to account paying not seen before.

Never fear, with feet tucked tightly under oneself on office chair and snake handling device at one's side,

the accounts will be paid.


  1. Eeek Fiona! Don't know how I'd cope with a snake in the office...I had a snake keep me company in the cattle yards this afternoon. He and I met at the scales, then along the walkway on the race and then in the grass....we were quite respectful of one another by the time the cattle were all weighed!!

  2. I'd be keeping my feet up off the floor too. that's a bit scary that it was inside.

  3. Your days are a good deal more eventful than mine! I'm not envious now you've mentioned snake.

  4. Yuck I'm not sure I would even be in the office. What a pain with the laptop but at least all systems are go for now.

  5. Every time I have a wave of sentimentality to go back to childhood holidays spent out in Western NSW, I remember the snakes and realise what a complete wuss I am. Not many people can claim to add "snake wrangling" to their multi-tasking list of work duties. As always, I am full of admiration. I've also just spent some time reading over the posts I'd missed out on. If I saw your kids right now I would give them an enormous squeeze and speak praise into their hearts. What beautiful, resourceful, resilient kids you have. What a work ethic! They leave my kids in the dust. Which just confirms what I have long been suspecting....the merry-go-round of sport/play dates/social gatherings on the weekends makes for a pretty selfish lifestyle. I feel better now about building our house and assigning them all jobs to do. If they complain, I will send them directly to your blog and give them a reality check!

    Much love to you and your lovely ones,
    Meredy xo.

  6. Oh Fiona I am not brilliant with snakes. Hate them. Hope he has found somewhere else to live and is not eyeing off the office for a nice cosy winters sleep.

  7. who are we to argue with techy computer types (but I suspect questions would have been asked about "the dropping"!) I'm currently ignoring the large pile of bills to be paid myself (tomorrow she says).

    One wonders how said snake arrived in office...and where it is now. Back in my working days as a fresh faced youth, I was the last one in the office, sitting thankfully in a high typing chair and something made me look down, to see a large brown cruising by. A panicked phone call to one of my male coworkers to come back to work as I stood on a desk and watched the snake..which went behind the safe and we flushed out (not happily) with boiling water. thankfully "we" (picture me, in skirt standing on desk with kettle) managed to kill it. The scary part is where had it come from - through a showroom of appliances and around other parts of the office before it got to my area!!

  8. ps ainsley will say "get a mac" :-) I'm yet to be convinced myself! mac user nearby said she probably wouldn't do it again, if one uses word and excell for business purposes.

  9. OH Fiona...not a nice surprise the computer screen or the snake....great to see you and your cherubs today.

  10. Oh this one made me giggle and cringe at the same time... anyone own up to the laptop? We have carpet snakes we keep in the sheds but NOTHING is encouraged in the house!



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