Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Shows, Showing Off and Sugar

Twelve mil of rain on the eve of our local show did little to dampen enthusiasm for this special community event.  The 4:30 am wake up call to my mobile from a competitor to check conditions may have however.

Unfortunately the jobs at hand on show-day left little time for photographing.  Not even a shot of my girls in their new shirts.

For a person who really doesn't enjoy the limelight, I seem to manage to get coaxed into endeavours shining the spotlight on myself.  (I hope my neighbour doesn't mind that I've included a few of his fashion parade shots).

This georgeous gerbra a gift from the beautiful fashion parade co-ordinator in appreciation of our fifteen minutes of fame.

In totally unrelated news, but feeling dreadfully sorry for myself with a man-killing flu upon me at the moment, I made this fructose-free coco-nutty granola today from Sarah Wilson's 'I Quit Sugar' book.

Beautiful on its own, with yoghurt, or the kids are planning on trying it with milk for tomorrow's breakfast.
Who needs sugar?


  1. Oh look at you both modelling. Stunning pictures.
    The granola looks delish. I need to get a copy of this book.

  2. What a beautiful shot of you Fiona! Had a sneak preview on Instagram as well ;)

  3. I just love the modelling shots and stand in awe of your shirt making ability. Such a clever lady.

  4. It was a great day Fiona and you looked fabulous...oh and that was me by the way sneaking a photo of you too, oh the pressure from Sharon! ;) you received a round of applause from you devoted fans ... and by the way that granola looks sensational!

  5. The Big Fella seemed to be enjoying his stint at judging, looked like he might have been giving out a fair bit of cheek.

    The females of the family seem to take this modelling sideline in their stride, all looking pretty swish! You really should have included that one of you in your leopard print dress - how you managed to cope with the paparazzi I do not know!

    So sorry you have been hit with the man-flu - its always the way at show time picking up someone's nasty flu. Feel better soon

    (I feel an impromptu modelling-at-home shoot is called for to showcase the new honestly that RM (?) number that Sarah modelled has nothing on your own creations!)

  6. That's a fabulous shot of you Fiona! I've been tossing up whether to get this book too, waiting to see what the consensus is from my friend who is currently reading another book "Why Sugar is good for you"......hmmmm



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