Monday, 1 April 2013

The Easter Edition

As has become Easter family tradition, bags were packed, animals fed and the crew loaded into trucks and cars for the pilgrimage to the hills of Bottle Tree and Chabo.

Only one puppy allowed entry, and even he disgraced himself mid-trip.

With horses run, and the second round of calves to brand it was a case of all men on board for a weekend of fun and frivolity, (excuse Sarah ... elected photographer).

I enjoyed what appears to have been my last ride on my beloved faithful old Bob, Sarah pulling him into her plant from this day forward.

In the cycle that is a mother's life in the bush, it seems I've now been relegated to the kid's pony, as children's riding ability improves.

Warrior on the right, Wallace's faithful steed Hero to the left, both came down from Mirtna in the north a couple of years back, both destined for the glue factory when a fortuitous turn of events saw them arrive at Rock Wallaby.  Warrior is now my greatest ally, and after dealing with some troublesome weaners who decided yarding wasn't part of their Easter Sunday plan, I'm fairly happy with this turn of events.  Despite a few cheeky "belly full of green grass" crow hops, I think we're going to get on just fine.

Green grass ...

leads to contented mamas, full udders and fat calves.

Some nearly too big for the cradle.

Kids were kept busy in what seems to have become their usual positions,

Of course, it isn't always about work.

Crawchie pots were thrown in a dam,

the results less than impressive with only one juvenile redclaw nabbed for an entire weekend's effort.  Thankfully Nanny and Grandad's crabbing exploits far more successful over the past week in the mighty Fitzroy, providing us with a much appreciated mudcrab feast this past weekend.

With buffel grass still growing well, cows fat and calves blooming, we've postponed weaning another six weeks, hopefully coinciding with an upturn in the market ?!? (Fingers crossed).

A few stud calves did return home with us, destined for breaking in and perhaps a run at our forthcoming local show.  An exciting two weeks of holidays in store.


  1. Happy Easter to you all...
    I've even got to jostle for a saddle as our troupes grow in rider numbers...although a couple of hand me down saddles
    from Grandad have alleviated this situation for the time being!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say that the calves look very sappy and full of milk!

  3. nice to see a picture of you for a change, although Bob doesn't all impressed with being dragged out of the paddock (and Warrior indeed looks to be a mighty steed, I'd say he's seen some action in his day!). I have to say, even crow hops of joy fill me with dread these days...I fear the ground is too far away! My old steed did the same to me last time we mustered, right at a crucial moment, though my yell of outrage did manage to stop both horse and frisky steers at the same time!!

    I've nearly forgotten what that green stuff was, look at the grass in the yards!!

  4. It's lovely to see such lush grass. Although weird that you have it and we don't. I should be envious but am just happy that someone who appreciates it has been getting the rain. Simply love the new life given to the old ironing board!!

  5. I love the idea of using a iron board for a table in the corrals! I will have to remember that! The calves are lookin good! I sure hope calf prices are good for you!

  6. That looks like a busy but lovely weekend with family. It is looking very green. Happy Easter!

  7. The country is looking a picture and the kids are growing as are the calves...all is well by the looks. You're a real team!

  8. Beautiful pics, what a lovely way to spend Easter. x

  9. Oh it is nice and green. i hope it stays that way.
    Lovely photos of your gang.

  10. Fabulous Fiona! Love seeing you and the Mr on your horses along with the kids there. Lovely Easter tradition and so green! Mel x

  11. Another set of beautiful pictures Fiona! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!



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