Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Good Sports

I really love the community in which we live, a community that covers a large area with a wonderful group of diverse, yet similar people.  Solid, good people, many of whom I'm proud to call my friends.

Today we came together for our annual inter-school sports carnival.

As well as a grand opportunity for the kids to jump, run, throw and catch, it's lovely to catch up with friends.  Some are mums of kids who go to school with my own, some go to other small schools in our district, mums who cook, sew, crochet, knit, milk cows, grow veges, run in fun runs, write freelance articles, ride, muster, fence and truck cattle amongst other things.  And some do all of these things AND teach their kids.  I take my hat off to them.  And thank them for their lovely company today.

I managed to miss many of the kids' events. Too busy chatting.  Busy cooking snags.  Busy having a lovely day.  This boy brought home an age champion trophy.  He was obviously busy too.

I caught up with Sal at the high jump just as she was putting her shoes back on.

And Jess just as she 'put' her last 'shot'.  Not much of a shot-putter, but a beautiful smile!

Next term we'll all come together again at one of the other small schools in the district for a T-Ball tournament.  We'll all be looking forward to that one, for both the sporting and social aspects.


  1. It sure is lovely meeting up with all those like-minded people. Sounds like a wonderful day out for both the mums and the kids.

  2. Well done to Wallace, he ran so well. I just love how the little kids flock around Jess. I downloaded a photo of the kindy race tonight, and again this year Jess is lined up to support and encourage her littlest "fans". Sally had a special hello for Eliza. Your children are such a credit to themselves and you & Matthew.

  3. You have such a lovely oval at your school! And yes, sports days in our district are very similar, where jeans and boots clad dads hold up high jump bars and stop watches, and encourage fairy princess daughters to jump off one foot rather than two at long jump. Good natured barracking for ones own school and then for the other one that's lagging behind. Helping a mate who might be a bit puffed. Love it. (but hate being on high jump rotation with a passion!)

    Parent teacher V kids relay always a highlight too. Thankfully my fleetness of foot (or lack thereof) means I get to either add up scores or take pics!

  4. You can make really good friends with your kids' friends' mums. I was touched how many of my friends and their mums came to my mum's funeral - after more than 50 years of friendship.

  5. Glorious photos and I just love those hats - so stylish!



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